It is TIME to reveal the things that she has done……

Yup, the TIME has come for me to reveal the things that she has done to me and my RAYS over the 3 years.

I may seem very ungrateful and dis-respectful to her but who can blame me???? I have taken to tolerating her for over 3 years but the day I lost my cool, it was the breaking point. Seriously, I really regreted what I have done but if I could still control it, I would have but I just totally LOST it on that very day.

I blame her for:

1. Not teaching the Rays to keep their toys and leaving them laying all around the house
2. Playing infront of the TV
3. Playing with the telephone
4. Playing with the remote control
5. Eats a whole pack of porky at one go

Her explanation for the above:

1. You buy too many toys, that is why the house is so messy
2. They want to leh
3. They want to leh
4. They want to leh
5. They want to leh

As you can expect, all the answers would be THEY WANT TO, because she cannot be bother to teach them. You tell me, which household have gotten a warning call from the police station because the kids play with the phone and called the 999 emergency line several times? Which household changes remote control on a yearly basis? Which household has food smeared on their TV screen every other day? Which household has so many toys strewn across the hall that you have to have size 1 feet to walk around it?

Well, enough said, just talking about it brings on a little burning sensation in my intestines.

Throw Throw Throw

After a few phone calls to a couple of different old goods collector, our front load machine has been deemed zero value……it basically means, give it to them free, they also don't want ah…….wahahahahhaha

So last night, right after the Rays went off to bed, me and the old man set off to work, we threw out the old machine and now the kitchen has so much more space but it will take no time for clutter to build up again.

Oh, another note, since we are not going to see David's mother set her pair of feet into my home anymore, we took out the child gate which now serves no purpose or rather it's more of a hindrance than help. All the stuff which require adult supervision which were kept locked away in a cupboard when David's mum was looking after the Rays were now free to roam the house. kekekekekek

The things kids say…

Nothing much to do today so we booked the NTUC car coop car for 4 hours to bring the Rays out for a little spin and at the same time get dinner.

Came home slightly close to 9.00pm and it was time for the Rays to take their last milk feed before sending them off to bed. But Rayner refused his usual plain milk and insisted on drinking the UHT chocolate flavoured milk. He even wanted to poke the straw in himself……*haiz, you better read the whole conversation yourself*

Me: You better not spill any milk on the sofa and carpet
Rayner: Mummy, where is the carpet huh?
Me: Okay okay, I say wrongly lar, don't spill any milk on the floor

I really have to be very careful with my speech, especially infront of Rayner…….everytime I make a blunder/mistake, he is there to catch me…….haiz

Oh, doesn’t she look cute???


This is main uniform……

This is the outing set…

I am so excited, I am losing sleep……

There are so many things I am worried about, I am worried about how she reacts to school, I am worried about her falling ill…….yada yada yada…….I can go on worrying about them. My baby's going to school……

A little treat…

Just as Dr Tan predicted, Rayner's fever would go away by today and it did……

So I bought the Rays some toys because my poor babies have been sick for the longest time and I wanted to get something to cheer them up, something they will really like and enjoy……

I have been looking around for a decent zoo set to replace the cheapo of jungle set I bought for Rayner when he was much younger but to no avail……..there were plenty of pretty and cute jungle/zoo set online but it would not be worth it to have the item shipped over and just as I was about the give up, I chance upon this Zoo Lego set and what luck, Lego's having a 20% discount for all their items so of cos I grabbed it.


All the animals looked so cute!


I got this baby set from Fisher Price for RayAnne, it was going at 50% less, oh, how can I resist……..

See how RayAnne is learning to feed and take care of her baby……so cute hor!!!

Rain Rain go away, come again another day…

Took the day off today to look after the Rays because my mummy has to accompany my sister to KKH for a checkup.

Wanted to make herbal tea for the Rays but then realised that I had ran out of brown sugar. So I bought the Rays downstairs with the aim of getting 2 packs of sugar but we came home with more items, 2 umbrellas and 4 lollipops……

The Rays caught sight of a big huge tub of lollipops when I was searching for brown sugar in the medical hall and they each took 2 lollipops each in their little hands. Right after paying for the items, the Rays held the lollipops up in each hand and held it in the air, running and shouting happily out of the store which set all passer-bys laughing at how innocently cute they were………sometimes I forget how we were once that tender age too!!!

The sky started to pour down so I had no choice but to get 2 umbrella, one blue Winnie the Pooh for Rayner and one Chicken Little for RayAnne. Actually wanted to get the pink Winnie The Pooh for RayAnne but it was much too big and heavy for her.


Fever Again leh….

Rayner's running a fever again……I really have no idea what has been happening to him these days…..he's sick every other day…..

At my wits end, I went again to my saviour and he advised me to bring Rayner to do a blood test and take a chest X-ray at the polyclinic *because it's cheaper, he's trying to save money for me, how nice*.

After everything was done, I collected the blood results and X-rays and made my way back to the clinic to let Dr Tan review the results and see what is the next course of action to take. Did I also mentioned that I been to the clinic so often for the past months that, he doesn't charge me consultation fee anymore, he only charges me for the medication. And I now automatically get to see him when I visit the clinic, no need to take Queue number anymore. He even gave me a number to reach him if it's after office hours in case of emergencies. That is why I call him my saviour!!!

So after studying Rayner's blood results, Dr Tan came to a conclusion that Rayner is suffering from a infection so he has not choice but to prescribe antiobotics for him and he would only expect the fever to pack up and check out earliest by saturday or so……let's keep our fingers crossed…..that we can kick this guest out for good!!!


The volcano has finally erupted after boiling in for 3 over years…….Last evening, I officially stripped my mother in law of the title of being the Ray's caregiver. She can now go back to her idling life. We had the worst fight we had in many years and it includes screaming at each other, door slamming and I know that after all these, there is no turning back…….

I know I should have controlled myself but she pushed me beyond my point and lashed back at her. It was as good as saying, I have sever my ties with her……..I no longer have a mother in law and she no longer has a daughter in law but am not sure if she still has a son anot……God knows to what extend the fight has on our marriage but we will know in due course. STAY TUNED!!!

Anyway, what's done cannot be undone now……..I just have to look towards the future as there is no turning back.

So RayAnne will be forced to start toddler childcare earlier then planned. Am going to drop by the school this evening to do the registration and starting this Friday, both the kids will be attending full day school and I no longer need to see the sickening face of the mother in law of mine neither will I need to clear up the mess created by her *oops, actually, she is NOT longer my mother in law*

RayAnne to start school on the 15th Feb

Took one hour time off and rush back to Rayner's school to register RayAnne and at the same time buy school uniform for her.

Rayner's teacher send her regards and gave me this little gift that his classmates made for Rayner……isn't it sweet?!?!

After settling the school fees and deposit and school uniform, I left the school $1.2k poorer and the school became $1.2k richer……sob sob sob………no time to waste, quickly rushed to buy dinner and rush home so David can have his dinner before rushing off to the airport to catch a flight to Thailand for some urgent business.

Trainer Chopsticks

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a pair of trainer chopsticks for Rayner because I felt it was time for him to learn how to use chopsticks but I didn't think RayAnne was ready but I was wrong……

Going to make a trip down to Kiddy Palace to get another pair of trainer chopsticks for RayAnne.

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