Came across this interesting site where you can print out alphabets and numbers and plenty of artwork for your little ones…..and what’s best is, it’s free so what are you waiting for?, that’s the free link. I spent my entire lunch hour printing them out so I can bring it home for my little ones……

Hard to come by words…..

祝愿 大 家, 端午节 快乐

These 9 words didn't come easy but still I am trying to put in an effort to wish all my friends and loved ones. Phew, hard work but at least done…..woahahahah

Snap Snap

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Grumpy Grumpy old me
That’s me, why am I so grumpy today? Maybe because I am TIRED……or maybe someone stepped on my feet and ruined my day or then maybe maybe……..This morning I was seated next to THIS woman on the bus, she should be in her 40s and when her stop came, she got up and snapped her fingers at me, to tell me that she wants to alight, she actually SNAPPED her fingers at me, I was genuinely upset……….who does she think I am? Her dog or her cat??? You all might think I am over reacting but I was really upset, I was offended. Under no circumstances do you get the right to snap your fingers at anyone…..

Day 1 of Time Traveller

When I went to pick the Rays up from school last evening, I was greeted by a sun kissed Rayner, he was all red, he was also kissed by a few mozzies on his ear, his legs and arms. Saw one of the parents and the mother complained to me that she felt the trip was a little too long and tiring for the kids, her girl was running a fever when she picked her up and was looking really shacked and restless. Weather was too hot and the kids probably didn't drink enough water to hydrate themselves. She also complained that the kids were not fed a proper meal for lunch and were only given snacks. And when I unpacked his bag, I found 3 slices of plain bread, why plain bread??? Think I need to call the school and ask what sort of meal arrangements were made.

So I made sure Rayner drank lots of water when he got home. Sat down over dinner and asked him about his trip but he only mentioned he saw the Samsui Woman and nothing else. Also wanted to ask him what the teachers gave him for lunch but everytime I ask, I get a different answer……haiz……

Hope the weather today will not be as hot and humid as yesterday…..2 more days and it will be over…..I reckon it has been proven to be more torturing and hair tearing for me than for him, here I am sitted comfortably in the office, cool and comfy, pouring my brains out worrying if he can get on and off the bus safely, whether if he is drinking his water, is he getting food when he is hungry, what if it rains…….the more I think, the worst it gets, think I better rest my brain *at least you know why my headache doesn't go away, kekekeke, I make my brain do OT all the time* haiz

Chinese Chinese Chinese

Rayner bought home the Xiao Tai Yang series chinese books which the school recommended us to buy to aid the kids in reading. Was a little doubtful as to whether he would be able to read the book on his own so I asked him to read it to me. He surprised me by reading the whole book on his own. Am really proud of his achievement, from not being able to read a single chinese word to being able to read a whole book on his own…….

Homemade Dumplings…

It was so nice and sweet of Mandy and her mother in law to make and give us some dumplings……..thanks dear and please tell you mother in law that her dumpling taste great and I have proof……

Thumbs up from the Rays…….

The number 2 man of the household…..

Due the recent increase in workload, David has to go back to work every saturday to try to clear as much work as he can so he can have an easier week to come, so it's just me and the kids again………

The morning went by without anything exciting and interesting until a beetle came along and made my blood rush, yayaya, it's just a beetle but you know me, I get all tensed up whenever there are visitors in the house. And since Daddy isn't around to do the job, my little man took up the position of being the man of the household in the absense of Daddy. He took the potty and crushed the beetle then came and told me, it's ok liao mummy, no more bug liao!!! woahahahhaa, I was laughing so hard, I was almost on the floor, I would never in a million years expect Rayner to do that, the last time he saw a lizard, he ran and hide in a speed so fast, I bet even it even put Ben Johnson to shame……kekekekeke… much for my boring saturday.

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