Ear plugs

David is serious about getting ear plugs for me because I have been complaining that he has been snoring every night and it’s preventing me from getting quality sleep. His snoring is so bad that he now wakes me up like 3 or 4 times in a night.

He snores everytime he lies on his back, the loud snoring would in turn wake me up and I would have to turn him to his side then only he stops snoring. Once he is back on his back again, the snoring starts……anyone know is snoring indicates anything? Been wanting to let the doctor do a detail check to see if anything is wrong and what is causing his snoring but somehow, just can’t seem to find the time to. When he is finally free, the clinic’s closed. hahahahah…….

When I can’t get proper sleep and rest, I can’t concentrate during the day and I would end up feeling very restless throughout the whole day.

Botak Jones

David told me that Botak Jones has just opened another branch in Clementi, blocks away from my mum’s place. So we trooped down there for dinner because it has been so so long as I last savour the delicacies.

It was just as good as the last time I remember. I devoured every single piece of fry, and the main course, I didn’t even let the garnishes go…….kekekek……we were greedy, we ordered the Cajun Chicken Plate, fish and chips, the beef and the hot peppers…….packed up my ulcers and just slowly devour the food.


Fish and chips for the kiddos

Cajun Chicken Plate for me – spicy spicy

Airflown NZ Ribeye steak for David


BBQ chicken wings – spicy spicy
Lastly, the stuffed japlapenos 0oh spicy too!

For those of you who might be interested to give them a try, look through their webby, interests you enough, try them out…..www.botakjones.com

Can’t Remember

I bumped into an old flame, oops, should be I bump into the guy I had my 1st crush on.  I was only 18.  We were both temping in STB (Singapore Tourism Board).  He was fun, attractive and tall.  I was attracted to him almost immediately.

We had lunch together everyday, we went on a few dates…..kekeke….I call them dates because there were only 2 person, just him and me.  Plus it was not a woking day but we still met up and went out for dinner, movies and shopping.  But we never held hands, we had chemistry, we talked about everything under the sun.  I even took up tennis for his sake.  Just because he plays tennis, I wanted to do the things he did (so silly hor, come to think of it).

A couple of months passed and we have finished our temp assignment and have went back to our lives but we continue to DATE.  We only stopped communicating when he had to go abroad to further his studies.  The last time I called him to try to console him because his Dad has just passed away, he sounded so cold and it was the last time we spoke.   Soon, I forgotten about his existence.  I cannot even remember where the tennis racket is or how to play tennis anymore!!!

But when I bumped into him on the streets a couple of days ago, the feeling is so strange, he felt so distant, is like, I don’t even know him anymore.  I didn’t know what to say, just hi, how have you been?  *long pause* oh, nice to see you again,  but I got to run (and of course that was a lie).  He too must have feel the coldness and distance.

Sad to say, I wish I will not bump into him anymore as the feeling is really awkward and it didn’t feel good.

To go or not to go

This very day, 4 years ago, a little bundle of joy (not exactly small lar, about 3.5kg) came into our lives.  Our son, Rayner came into our lives and added lots of joys and tears.  As first time parents, we were a mess plus he was a colicky baby.  Luckily my parents were there to help us and tide us over those difficult period.
How time flies, he is now a happy and bubbly 4 year old.

Last night I was contemplating whether I take the day off today and spend the day with him.  But I know he would enjoy himself with all his friends in school.  Till this morning, I was indecisive.  But in the end, I made the choice to let him still go to school but I took half the day off and bought a cake and went to the school to celebrate his birthday with all his friends.

It really cute to hear a whole bunch of 4 year olds singing the birthday song.  It’s so innocent and sweet.

Am glad I made the choice to send him to school because I think he really enjoyed himself.  Plus it’s really relaxing for me to sit and see the kids enjoy the cake and goodie bag.  One kid took out the lollipop I packed in the goodie bag and started to suck and after a while, she had blue teeth and blue tongue…..apparently all the kids found this really funny and all started to take out their lollies and soon, we have a class full of blue, green, purple and yellow tongue monsters running around.  Overall, it was a great.  The kids had fun and I had a great time unwinding myself  just sitting among them.

Will be doing another round for RayAnne in February next year.


This time round, mummy’s the one who is down…..

Had been best friends with the toilet bowl since Sunday.  My legs are going soft from the running to and fro the toilet.   Doctor says I am suffering from a stomach infection, the best way is to stop all solid food and survive onlyon porridge.  But it seems like I am still running to the toilet from drinking water……

And to make matters worst, I have this huge ulcer on my upper lip, hurts from constant rubbing against my teeth….Ouch!!!

Doctor gave me this cream img_4155_2.JPG  to apply on my ulcer…..I now call this cream my miracle cream, my huge hole closed up within a day of application.  My mouth can now eat but my stomach still can’t accept the food……haiz……oops…..stomach just rumbled again…….


Been telling David that the kids are growing up so quickly.  Like how Rayner managed to fix his entire train set without my help a couple of days ago.  And how the kids are able to feed themselves at meal times,  and now even RayAnne ‘the baby of the SAM family’  is able to dress and undress herself without any help.  I think if they can make their own milk, they will……


Then Rayner comes up to me and asks me to tie a baby sling for him to sling RayAnne’s doll.  And of course, monkey see monkey do lor, as soon as RayAnne see her brother do it, she request for a sling too……

Oh my goodness, isn’t it a little to early to be practising to be parents???  Faintz…….

Pre Birthday celebrations

We arranged to celebrate my mummy’s 54th birthday and Rayner’s 4th birthday over at my parent’s place. Gathered to have a feast of everyone’s favourite food and the grand finale is of course the cake Rayner chose for himself.




Rayner asked me to help him assemble his Thomas the Train set, I was watching the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy (recorded)  so I told him, mummy watching TV, can I do it for you later? (*shame shame mummy)

He of course sulk big time and showed me a damm black face but I was unmoved because it was at the most moving and sad part of the show.

When I was done with the show, I got up and was getting ready to sit down and build the rail set for him and to my surprise, the set was already built.  He apparently built it by refering to the instruction sheet which you can see he has placed on the right.

Not convinced that he managed to build the whole set by himself, I took the instruction sheet and started to check every assemble part…….and he didn’t make a single mistake……tsk tsk tsk!!!


Good Laugh

I have a good time laughing my head off!!!

Another fight

Teacher Fiona, Rayner’s DaCapo music teacher informed me last evening that Rayner boxed Jia Feng, his classmate in the face.  When asked why he did it, he said Jia Feng copied his actions.  This boy of mine hor, really a big headache leh.

A similar incident happened between him and RayAnne.  Both the kids started running towards the direction of home once stepping out of the lift.  Then I heard RayAnne crying, so I question Rayner.  Apparently he was not happy RayAnne ran too because he claimed she copied him and pushed her against our main gate.  And of course the manja little lady knew how to work the situation to the max by crying very pitifully and at the same time pointing her little finger at Korkor and also mumbling kor kor push me, kor kor push repeatly.

Back to Rayner, after a talk with him, I have come to realise that he actually knows it’s wrong of him to beat or hit his classmates.  But he has problem suppressing his anger.  He gets so angry and upset, he reacts without thinking of the consequences, like he would be punished if he did start the fight.  After which, he will cry because he realised what he did was wrong.

Think it’s time to send him for anger management courses…haiz!!!

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