Pay Back

Took half day leave yesterday to settle some issues.  Had to bank in the kiddo’s ang pow money into their accounts.  Then I myself wanted to open another saving accounts (want to keep private money……..heehee)

There was something I had forgotten to do and I blame myself.  I pray Tai Shui for Rayner and myself last year because our horscope clashed with the animal last year and I forgotten to return.  Haiz…..maybe that explains why Rayner has been so accident prone these 2 months. 

Last 2 weeks, he fell and had to long cuts on his leg.  2 days ago, he fell again and this time he hurt his ear.


He slipped while getting up his bed and hit his ear against the corner of the bed and it soon developed into a huge patch of bruised blood.  Almost the whole inner ear blue black liao.

So I quickly made my way to the Thian Hock Keng Temple at Telok Ayer Street to pay my debts.


At the same time, pray Tai Shui again, this year I fan tai shui again.  RayAnne too, so I decided to do all the necessary praying and returning today.  This year, pig, snake, tiger and monkey fan tai shui.  Now since all the praying done, I just have to remember to return it next year.

After which I drop by the Rays’ school and celebrated RayAnne’s birthday in school with her classmates. 



RayAnne is still a little shy……heehee and so today she turns 3.


RayAnne giving out her goodie bags to her classmates.


And Teacher Kailing surprised RayAnne with a hello kitty storage box knowing how much she liked the character.  She is indeed a very sweet and nice teacher.

RayAnne’s 3rd birthday party

Rayner turned 4 last october and RayAnne will be exactly 3 come tuesday.  So we had a small birthday party with family and friends over the weekend.

It was a home affair.  Catered some finger food for our guests and ordered a 2kg cake bearing RayAnne’s favourite character.




Thank you all the lovely ladies and gentleman, korkors, meimeis, jiejies and didis who came with loads of lovely presents and ang baos to celebrate this joyous occassion with us. 

My cheeky nottie boy

Rayner’s teacher told me yesterday that Rayner has done something bad and was given Time Out.  He was made to sit and watch his friends play because he did something wrong.

He apparently was playing with legos during the free play time.  He built a huge block and then, took the block and hit his classmate on the head.  And he did it, right in the presence of the teacher.  Haiz…..this kid is getting nottier and nottier by the day.  And when asked to apologise, he refused.  So he was punished.

After a good 15 mins, he relented and apologised to his friend.  Not sure if he was really sorry sorry or he only apologise to get himself out of the Time Out situation.

Had a little talk with him at home and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Rayner, why did you hit your friend?  Did he do anything to you?

Rayner: No, I just want to hit him.  He didn’t do anything to me.

Me: Do you know that’s being very mean?

Rayner: Yes

Me: Do you want your friends to beat you for nothing?

Rayner: no

Me: Please don’t do it again.

Rayner: yes

As you can see, he didn’t say much, just yes and no to answer my question.  No sure if I did get through to him.

There are days when I find it hard to get through to him, so stern and serious like his father but on some days, he is just like, a kid!!!

Me: Rayner, come and drink your soup

Rayner: *while drinking out of his bowl of soup, he looks and sees a chicken feet

Rayner: *looks up at me and says*  mummy, why you cook dinosaur leg for me?

Me:* heehee* it’s a chicken feet dear, not a dinosaur leg!

Rayner: *shows me a puzzled face* chicken feet???

Me: yes dear, chicken feet

end of conversation

Jurong Bird Park

After the usual reunion dinner at both sides of the family on separate nights.  And after the usual chinese new year visits, we decided to visit the Jurong Bird Park. 

Every year during chinese new year, we would visit the Zoo, but this year, we decided to give the zoo a miss and visit Jurong Bird Park instead.

All set and ready……waiting for Daddy to get the admission tickets and off we go!


It has been ages since I last visited the Jurong Bird Park.  I must say, they have done up the place very nicely.


The kids had the most fun at the playground and feeding the birds at the enclosed huge bird cage.




Read the sign



This was how we spent our new year.  How did you spent yours?

Happy Lunar New Year

Here’s wishing all a Happy Lunar New Year.

Today will be my last day of work before the chinese new year.  Company closing for the holidays starting tomorrow….kekekekeke

Last year this time, Rayner was hospitalised for lung infection/pneumonia and we missed our reunion dinner.  It was the darkest moment for my family.  RayAnne was also infected with lung infection/pneumonia too but her condition could be treated just by medication but Rayner’s condition was much worst and he had to be hospitalised and put on the antibiotic drip in order to bring his fever down.  He had been running a fever for the past week and coughing for past 2 weeks.  Thank god everything was over and everyone’s well now.

Anyway, out with the bad and let’s start the new pig year afresh.

The kids are all dressed up and geared for the chinese new year celebration in school.  The school had requested that we dress the kids up in traditional new year costume and so we did!


The kids posing for the camera…..happy new year all aunties and uncles, meimei, didi, korkor and jiejie.



When is the time?

When did you start bringing your kids to the dentist for checkups?  Why do I ask?  I asked because I realised RayAnne’s pearlies are not as pearly as they should be.  They look kinda of yellow.

Despite brushing everyday in school and every night before bed time, it’s still looks yellowish.  Rayner on the other hand has white pearlies….


The other thing I noticed about the growth of their milk teeth was, RayAnne used to have really wide gaps between her teeth when she was a toddler.  Slowly, the teeth grew and the gaps closed up nicely.  Now she has a pretty nice looking set of teeth.  But Rayner had a nicer set of teeth when he was younger.  But now his teeth are starting to grow alittle crooked and some gaps between the teeth are pretty big too……

Let’s hope that after they ditched their set of milk teeth, the new adult teeth will come out looking nice and straight.

New TV

About a week ago, Kevin of The Upperroom mentioned that RayAnne maybe hinting us to get a big LCD TV.

David and me discussed about the option of getting a new LCD tv but finally decided against it since our 29 inch 7 year old Toshiba is still working well.

Then then, it broke down. Perhaps it overheard our conversation and was hurt and died on us…..haiz.

So off we went shopping for a new TV over the weekend. 

Luckily they were able to deliver before the chinese new year.

So, this is our new baby.


Stayed up and waited for the delivery.  They only made it to our place around 11.30pm.  And by the time they were done with the installation and tuning, it was close to midnight.  I was too tired to stay up and enjoy the new TV……..

Until tomorrow then!

I am so disgusted

Something happened at work a couple of days ago.  It left me kinda upset, actually very upset.  Sorry to grumble about this here but I am clearly very disturbed.

This is how the story goes: 

Let’s call this person 1970.

Our company received some distribution (in monetary terms) and so after 6 years of no bonus, we will finally be able to distribute bonus this year.  

After receiving our bonuses.  Our FC told us that 1970 made a comment.  He said we don’t deserve our bonuses.  We also came to know that he actually wanted the whole portion of distribution to himself, not wanting to split it with us.  It was our big boss who told him that the distribution portion is for everyone, think it’s only fair everyone gets a portion of the monies.  Maybe he was forced to share the money with us, thus explains his actions/words

He complain that we don’t come to work on time and leave earlier.  Luckily I already seeked his permission to leave 15 mins earlier because I couldn’t make it back in time to fetch my kids and he was agreeable to it.  And how did he know we didn’t come to work on time?  In fact we are in the office before our official start time which is 8.30am.  Latest by 8.20am, most of us are in already.  He claimed he called before 8.30am and no one picked up the call, which also shows that he is checking up on us.

Just for record purposes, he is the one who comes in after 10am everyday and leave before 6pm.  In between lots of personal errands and lunches.  So who’s keeping tab??? 

We decided to confront him.  We politely asked him if there is anything that we are doing that is upsetting him.  He can let us know and we can work around it.  He just bluntly told us…..nothing’s bothering me, if there is, I will sure let you all know!  Smiled and walked away.

That was the final straw, I am upset because he doesn’t own up to what he said.  He chooses to say things behind our backs.  If you have the guts, come tell it in our faces…..don’t go behind our backs.

Never Listen

shouting, laughing and running round the whole house. The kids behaving like a couple of little monkeys.

Me: Please stop running and climbing all over the place, you are going to hurt yourself.

The Rays: *continues to run and completely ignores me

Me: Don’t come running to me if you hurt yourself ok?

The Rays: *still completely ignoring me

5 minutes later, Rayner comes up to me and shows me his leg.


Me: Alamak, See lar, told you not to run liao, you never to listen to mummy one!

Me: Climb here and there like a monkey, see what happened!

Rayner: Mummy, I am not a monkey leh…..monkey climb here and there, will not have blood one.

RayAnne: Mummy Mummy I good girl, I climb here and there but I got no blood.

Let’s hope this will serves as a lesson for the kids.

Elder Sibling

I for one always wanted to have an elder sibling there to help and guide me during my growing up days because my parents only had 2 kids. Me and my sister and I was the big sister.  I had to take care and look after my sister but I didn’t remember being as caring and nice as Rayner treats and cares for RayAnne.

I am blessed to have kids who love and care so much for each other.  What more can I ask for?

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