We are loving it

Since my mum was looking after the Rays, there is no need for me to rush home.  Decided to take the bus down to Orchard Road to pick up some stuff before making my way home.

Couldn’t find the i play raincoats I was telling Fannie about.  They only had sun hats and swim wear.  Didn’t feel like walking to Takashimaya so dropped by Tangs before I made my way back to my mummy’s place.

However, I did managed to get a learning kit for the kids.

It’s a pretty interesting toy.  It has all the alphabets and it says the phonics sound of the letters, which is extremely useful for me because I didn’t study phonics during my time and I didn’t know how to effectively teach the kids.  Now with the little toy, I will be able to hear the different sounds of different letters.

It also trains the kids to listen to instructions.  It also teaches them how to read the clock, spelling bee and etc.

The only problem is the get them to learn to share and take turns to play.

Update on development & more conversations

 I swear, if I didn’t sit with her and see her colour the tree, I would never have believed she coloured the tree.  Her colouring has seriously improved a great deal.



She goes on to colour another balloon and proved to me that she too can colour as well as korkor.  So fast sibling rivary liao ah!  headache lor!

Yesterday, Rayner told me that Faith is no longer his girlfriend.  Shermaine is now his new girlfriend. So I probed further….

Rayner: Mummy, Faith is not my girlfriend anymore

Me: what happened?

Rayner: My new girlfriend now is Shermaine

Me: Ooh, what happened?

Rayner: Faith also nag and scold me.

Me: Ooh (just like how I always nag at David huh?)

Rayner: *thinks for a while then says* Some days I am Faith’s boy friend and some days I am Shermaine’s boyfriend.  I have 2 girl friends…..

Me: *slaps forehead, my son’s a 2-timer*

I am waiting for the day to come when he is old enough to understand, then I can remind him that he 2-timed once in his life…..muhahahahaha

Sum up


Dropped the kids off at my parent’s place.  Followed David to SunTec City because he wanted to go to the AquaRama exhibition.  Pay $8 to see fish, no way I am going to do it.  He went on his own to the exhibition and I went shopping.  Initially wanted to window shop but end up with many bags of clothes because cannot resist the temptations because GSS leh!

Met up again after 3 hours.  Since the kids will be having their dinner at my parent’s place, we settled our dinner at Newton before going to fetch them.


Our baby piglet full month liao……time flies!  Except for a little cradle cap, everything’s looking rosy and fine.  Our mama Kat’s looking radiant too……

It was a small and family affair.  Bought the kids over to see Kat’s baby for the first time.  Stayed for a while before going over the kaki bukit to see some winter clothing.  Couldn’t make up our minds so didn’t get any.

Pretty boring weekend, in fact, the kids were so so bored, even daddy’s ladder became a fun fixture for them.  Sitting there quietly is good enough for them.



These are the conversations we have been having of late

Conversation 1 

When asked to go to bed at 8.30pm, he says 

Rayner:  why do I have to go to bed at 8.30pm and you and Papa get to stay up late.  I need to go to school the next day, you to work also, you two also should sleep earlier

Me: yayaya, just go to bed

This fellow is getting better and better at reasoning with me these days.

Conversation 2

Asks his daddy for the 3rd time to make milk for him but Daddy is pre-occupied with his fish tank and ignores him

Rayner: Papa, what are you waiting for? Waiting for Chinese New Year ah!

Papa: ok lar, I go and make now ok

Conversation 3

Was trying to squeeze into my pair of Size 26 Levi’s jeans this morning (have put on weight since moving to maxwell)

Rayner: * on seeing me struggle to zip* Mummy, I think this pair of pants is too tight for you.  Think you change lar, later you cannot breathe.

Me: haiz…..yes sir

Conversation 4

Rayner throws his tantrums when I didn’t allowed him to eat chocolates before dinner

Rayner: *sulks and shows me a sour face*

RayAnne: Mummy Mummy, korkor Fan Pi (she actually meant, korkor Fa Pi Qi) hahahahah

Conversation 5

Rayner tells his father.

Mummy is always right, even when she is wrong, she is right! hahahaha (I didn’t teach him that ok, don’t know where he picked that up from, maybe from the fights and arguments he hears)  Mummy always wins and has the final say because Daddy always can’t be bothered to fight to argue with mummy……

Our kids are growing up literally under our noses so if you don’t want them to catch and learn the wrong things, we had better buck up our act and be more aware of the things we say or do. 

Incident in school

Rayner came home and told me that Asraf, his best friend pushed him and he fell and hurt his lips and arm.  Upon inspection, there really was a cut on his lip and broken skin on his arm.  I asked him if he told Teacher about it.  He said he did but Teacher said nevermind.

So I decided to bring this matter up with his teacher.  Just when I was there, Asraf’s mummy was there talking and apologising to Darren (another student from their class).  Apparently, Asraf twisted Darren’s arm and made him cry. 

Luckily Asraf’s mummy is a understanding mummy.  She asked Rayner to relate what happened and while Rayner was relating his side of the story, Asraf stood by the side, crying and shouting that Rayner is lying. 

Asraf’s mummy told me that she chose to believe Rayner because she felt he was telling the truth.  And as for her own kid, this is not the first time he lied about such things.  She told me that once, Asraf vomit on the floor and he took the floor mat and covered the vomit.  And when she asked if he vomitted on or under the mat, he said he vomitted on the mat.  And when his mum asked him, if you vomitted on the mat, how did the vomit get under the mat?  He then said, the mat got holes so the vomit flowed through the holes thus the vomit ended up under the mat.  He refused to admit he actually vomitted under the mat and chose to continue to live with his lie.  A couple of days later, he decided to confess.  He vomitted UNDER the mat.  His mum says this kid can lie with a straight face and that really worries her because he is now only 5……haiz

She then proceed to apologise to me.  She said she probably knew why Asraf pushed Rayner.  She has been singing Rayner’s praises infront of her own son.  Saying that Rayner is such a good boy and gentleman.  Well mannered.  Clever and charming.  And Asraf is jealous and unhappy that his mum is praising some other kid.  He probably feels threathen and doesn’t like his mummy to praise anyone else. 

So he was upset with Rayner and he pushed him.  What can I say, at 5 years old and they can bear such grudge.  And the fact that he feels so jealous and upset, it’s kinda scary.

Teacher Rahayu made the two boys shake hands and hug each other.  Hope everything will be ok.

TAG – Who are my FANS

Kenna tagged again by LZ MOMMY.

Think this is going to be a very short post lar.  Because nothing much to talk about.  All the lovely people who read my blog, I frequent their blogs everyday too, if not everyday, whenever I am free.

So this tag is going to end here because everyone else has a blogroll. kekekeke

Fish Fish

About  a year ago, when the kids were down with Chicken Pox and HFMD.  I was given strict instructions not to give fish with scales along with lots of other NO NOs.

Then we were talking about Parrot fish and how it looks like.  I even posted a fake parrot fish and some mummies even thought that was really how a parrot fish looked like.  I always bought fillet parrot fish meat from the supermarket but I have never really seen a parrot fish.  But last weekend, David bought home a parrot fish for me to cook.

So now, I know how a parrot fish looks like.  Mystery solved.


Very colourful fish indeed!

Sunday – Hay’s Dairies

Today we bought the kids to the Hay’s Dairies at Lim Chu Kang.

Admission is free, for a mere $2, you are get a pack of hay to feed the goats.  img_5093.jpg

We went in the afternoon and missed the goat milking session.  Next time we shall go in the morning so the kids will get to see how the goats are milked.


Kids will be kids, once they get to play and feed the goats, nevermind the stench.  While they were busy and happily feeding the goats, Mummy’s busy holding her breathe.  Whew!!!


Conclusion, the kids had fun and that’s what matters most!

Saturday – Botanic Gardens Date

This time we were brave enough to venture out into the open this time round.  Botanic Garden was the chosen venue.

With our picnic gear, food and drinks, we were all set.  Thank god weather was good, infact it was hot.  And we were still worried it would be a wet saturday since it was thundery the night before.

We found a nice pavilion and chopped it.  


As you can see, the daddies and the kiddos were busy playing back in the open fields.  At least most of the kids played ball.  Some of the younger kiddos played with bubbles that Fannie bought along.  My kids were busy filling their tummy before going out to play.  Most of the mummies stayed in the shelter because I think we will melt under the scorching sun……heehee

After that, they were busy feeding turtles, fishes and swan by the lake all charponed by Daddy dearest because mummy was taking refudge under the pavilion.


Perhaps weather was too hot, we didn’t managed to take much photos this time round but we still managed to have fun because company was fun.  We should do this more often.


Think we left around 1pm, see how hot the sun is…..we should definitely do this more often.  And like Jean said, we shall do it at someone’s home……..


RayAnne’s diaper supply is running low and we have no intention to get a new pack and since she’s been telling me for the past month that she doesn’t want to wear diaper to sleep anymore.  We decided it was time to train her to wake up and pee.

I invested in a couple of the pigeon waterproof mats.  Vinyl on one side and cotton on the other.  Quite comfy to sleep over so at least if she does wet herself, her bed will remain dry and plus I don’t have to keep changing bedsheet.  Tired sia!!!

I would say she fared quite well.  Out of the 7 days, she had 5 dry nights.  I am so proud of her, going to have to work harder to make that 7 dry nights……

Another incident how different kids and us think.

Everyday we walk into the school, the kids would peek into the music room to see if their favourite Teacher, Teacher Kaling is in already anot.  But for the last 2 days, I realised, without looking into the music room, RayAnne was able to tell me if Teacher Kaling is in anot then I realised, she looked out for Teacher Kaling’s shoes in the cubby hole……hmm……but what if Teacher Kaling decides to change her work shoe everyday……then how???

This morning, on our way to school, I nearly dropped her school bag on the floor and she immediately tells me, Mummy, Xiao Fu…..I was scratching my head thinking what Xiao Fu meant…..then Rayner explained that RayAnne wanted to say Be careFUL and Xiao Xin but she jumbled them instead…..haiz….that’s my girl.

Now on to Rayner

Last night, I told Rayner about mummy and daddy going to take aeroplane to japan and he and meimei will have to go and stay with Grandpa and Grandma for a while.  His eyes immediately welled up and reddened.  He said, I don’t want, I want to be with you.  He also continue to say that if I leave him at my father’s place, he will run away…..oh my gosh!!!

After some coaxing, he smiled when I told him, you can ask Grandpa to bring you to the airport to wait for mummy and daddy to come back.  Only then his smile returned…..whew!

Last night, Rayner left his toy cars all over the floor


I told him to keep it because I told him I didn’t want anyone to step on them and fall down.

And this is what he did!


wah pengz, like this also can ah, he says, like this you will not step on the small cars liao, the big car you sure can see and will not step on it.  Excuses excuses……

These past few months, I have come to realised that our parenthood stage has entered another stage.  Our kids are growing up and they are no long babies who do not understand anything.  Now they have to be included in everything, from helping out at home to our daily conversation.  Will sure have to start to treat them like young adults rather than kids. 

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