Good Bye 2007…..hello 2008

How time flies ah…..2007 is coming to an end….a whole new year is coming.

Let’s see what we have achieved in year 2007.

David’s career has been looking pretty promising in year 2007. Got promoted and a couple of pretty good salary increments. Career wise for me wasn’t as promising for me. I lost my job in July 2007 and has been a SAHM since then. Being a SAHM is just temporary until I can find a suitable job. Let’s just say that I am taking my time.

The Rays has been good……progressing well in school. Immune system is almost all accustomed to the virus-clad school environment. Rayner has been on and off the medication to boost his appetite, progressing quite well, he managed to put on 2 kg in a month. He now weighs 18kg. RayAnne however weighs a healthy 15.5kg….woahahahaha….putting on weight has always been a easy task for RayAnne because this little girl loves milk. She can be asking for milk every 2 hours and every feed is 220ml……

Well, both my in laws and parents are doing well. My sister is having her 2nd baby in January 2008. Everything seems on track and it’s more than I can ask for. I just ask for all my loved ones to be happy and healthy.

What have we been doing the past 2 weeks:-

Rayner had a little accident, he was fiddling with the stapler, trying to do a little fan artwork. And he punch the stapler into his finger and scraped a little skin away but he didn’t tell me. Instead, he just went and got a plaster and bandaged himself. Silly mummy only saw the plaster in the evening. So I asked him why he didn’t tell me about his accident?

Me: Why didn’t you tell Mummy, wasn’t it painful?

Rayner: Pain but there wasn’t any blood, only a little skin come out only.

Me: Oh……how did you hurt yourself?

Rayner: I was trying to staple the fan, the fan I make for you…..

Me: next time, please try to be more careful when handling the stapler ok?

Rayner: ok mummy, me boy mah, have to be brave, next time I have to be soldier.

Me: *wah pengz, he is only 5 and he is growing up so fast*


Then there was the Christmas Party in school.

The kids put together a little performance for the parents. There was food for all. They even had a gift exchange between the children.

RayAnne got a set of pooh bear towels and Rayner for a pair of Barney slippers. Boy was he disappointed. Barney wasn’t one of his favourite characters so he gave the slippers to his sister. Seeing how disappointed he was with his pressie, Daddy made it up to him by giving the kids their Christmas presents earlier. Rayner got his transformer toys while RayAnne got her baby dolls.

Then we visited the Formular Drift at the Singapore Expo.

Rayner enjoyed the screeching sound and smell of burning rubber in the air and RayAnne just wanted to go elsewhere. How typical!

Then, just over the weekend, we bought the kids to the IMM water play area.

Parking over at IMM was simply crazy. In case you didn’t know, gantries over at IMM car parks are up. Parking is free for the first 3 hours, they only start charging from the 4th hour.


The kids had a whale of a time.

The kids had been crazy about ridding the scooter skate these days. My parents got them each a skate scooter. A 2 wheeler for Rayner and a 3 wheeler for RayAnne.


Wheeeeee……see them go!img_6006.jpg

Time Flies

All set for their holiday programmes.


To be honest, I haven been taking much snap shots of the rays as often as I used to.  Here I am downloading the photos into my labtop, only then I realised how much these 2 tots have grown.  Especially Rayner, he has grown so much.  So much so that I didn’t realise he was not longer the toddler he used to be when RayAnne was born.  Even my baby RayAnne looks so grown up, like a little young lady.

Both my kids are growing up so fast.  Soon, I am going to have to learn to let them go. It feels really sad knowing that one day, they wouldn’t need me anymore and I would no longer hear them call out to me, Mummy, mummy, mummy!!!

I have mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I have been learning to cope with a extremely hyper active and emotional Rayner.  Only way I could think of is to involve him in everything I do.


That’s him loading dirty laundry into the washing machine…..


And that’s him adding the washing powder and softener……


Now, that’s him hanging the laundry…..

With him doing all the housework meant it would take more time but at least he is channeling all  extra energy into something useful……beats him throwing tantrums.  And best of all, he enjoys it, he’s happy I AM HAPPY.

What’s RayAnne doing while his brother is busy with housework?

Care to guess?


She is lazing and relaxing on the sofa.  That’s my clever girl wah!

What a Surprise!

David was on leave yesterday and guess what???  We sent the kids off the school and went dating again lor.  Initially wanted to catch a movie but decided against it.

Instead we went car shopping.  Did I mention that we are looking into getting a car.  We are now down to deciding the make of car.  The fun Honda Jazz or the sedan Mitsubishi Lancer.  Couple of weeks ago, we test drove the Subaru.  David loved it but I didn’t.  I wanted a normal and standard car, not a performance car.

Tested the Honda hatch back Jazz (1.4 manual) but something about the car doesn’t feel right.  Perhaps the car’s too small as I ain’t exact pined size…..kekeke

However the Mitsubishi Lancer is much roomier but not as fuel economical as the Jazz.



The sport cute looking jazz or cool looking lancer


Which do you think?I didn’t think it was this hard to make a choice.

Anyway, we didn’t spent the entire day car shopping.  We dropped by the Salvation Army and MINDS (Movement For the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore).  One thing I don’t mind are 2nd or even 3rd hand books, as long as they are not in really really bad shape and condition.  They usually have lots of life left in them.  I pick up many copies of Rigby Literacy for the kids.  They are retail at about $3.50 per copy.  I got them at 2 for $1 at Salvation Army.  They were in perfect condition.  Plastic wrapped.  It’s the school holidays now so there is a further 20% discount.  wahhhhh…..where to find??? heehee…….Picked up $10 worth of books (think about 25 books) for the kids. Also picked up a brand new steamboat pot for $4.  Still sealed and unopened….

And guess what else I stumbled upon…..



My very 1st fridge………how did I know it was the very same one???  Easy, I recognise the stains and markings made by my fridge magnets and notice the white patch at the very bottom of the 2nd door, it was my evil doing.  I cleaned it with some very strong cleaning agents and it completely stripped the coating off……ok, I was a lousy housewife 8 years ago……but I didn’t expect to see my very 1st fridge 8 years later and at such a location.  What a reunion!!!