Does Your Child Have Myopia?

Myopia is commonly known as “shortsightedness”. A person with myopia is able to see close objects clearly but objects that are further away will appear blurred.

In Singapore, about half of our children develop myopia by the age of 12 years. Children are also becoming more myopic at a younger age.

This is a really worrying trend. Of course I am worried, because both David and myself wear glasses. Chances the kids may be shortsighted increases tremendously although I didn’t need glasses till I was in my 20s but David has been wearing glasses since he was in Primary 1.

Anyway, the Health Promotion Board visited the school and did an eye screening test for all the K1 students.

And this is the results, till this very day, I don’t really know what it says about his eye sight.

Vision without glass

LogMAR Right eye +0.18 / Left eye +0.24

Computed Snellen Right eye 6/7.5p / Left eye 6/9.5p

Stereopsis: Normal

Examination Notes: Vision screening done – Normal Vision

The only thing I can understand from the screening is, his vision is normal but how normal?  Far from perfect eye sight or near shortsighting??? Think I am going to bring him to a optician to get a proper reading and screening.

And only yesterday, I found out from Rayner that the Nurse actually taught them eye relaxing exercises.


My Girl

Think most of you would agree that GIRLS these days are nothing close to GIRLS during our times.

Like what my mum always say, “I remembered, you girls (my sis and me) were very quiet and well behaved.  We, too throw my tantrums but nowhere close to the extent my kids behave.  The first time my mum took care of the kids while I work (almost 2 years ago), she was shocked and overwhelmed.  She couldn’t believe how naughty and mischievous my kids were…..hahahaha

Yesterday was Sunday but we didn’t feel like going out so we stayed home.  The kids were bored and started clowning around.  They dug up their action hero costume and started playing.


My spidey……..AND


My extremely cute baty ……….

Then, there was the fight of the century

Spiderman VS Batman


If I didn’t tell you, you probably didn’t even know batman is actually batgirl……one minute she was behaving all boyish, playing fighting with her brother but next minute….she’s all girly……


Here, she is feeding both her babies……come to think of it, she might be mimicking me hor or she is just learning to be a mummy…..wohahahaha…..scary thought…..


And after feeding the baby, she proceeds to burp the baby……hahahaha…..

I could actually sit and watch them play all day long!

Like daddy says, girls are unpredictable one what?!?!?!  One minute they could be happy and the next, PMS thingy sets in and they go all sulky……hey, is he talking about me or RayAnne????  hmmmmmm………………but I say, girls are versatile…..ya, that’s the word!