Our Packed Weekend

Friday we had MacDonald for dinner because the kids wanted the Star Wars toy that comes with the Happy Meal and since we haven’t had Macs for a while, we obligated.

Then we spent the entire Saturday morning at Ubi workshop where David was getting his wheels aligned after changing his suspension the day before.  Lunch time was approaching and Rayner said he wanted to eat Nasi Lemak and since we needed to change money for our Hongkong trip, we bought the kids to Boon Lay Shopping Centre.  Settled our lunch and changed the neceesary currency we needed and bought the kids home to rest because Rayner needed to go for Dragon Dance Practise at 3.30pm.  I didn’t say right, the whole bunch of K2s and a couple of primary 1 kids are performing the Dragon Dance at this year’s Graduation Concert.

Back at home, all of us konked out except Rayner.  I was the first to go, I konked out on the sofa, while RayAnne and David slept in the room, Rayner was busy drawing and singing.  He came and woke me up when it was 3.15pm.  I have never seen him so excited…..

When the teachers asked the kids to line themselves up starting from the shortest in front….guess who the shortest one???  No prize for guessing who that is!

No too bad lar, he is about 1cm shorter than his peers……wahahahaha

We left him with the teachers so he could concentrate on his training and off the trio of us went grocery shopping at Shop N Save for the following week’s dinner.

Then Sunday came, we have arranged to gather at Kat’s place as we haven’t seen the girls for a pretty long long time.  The girls meant the mummies…..namely, Mandy with her princess Sherry, Kat with our little piglet Shannice, Irene with her Ben (10)…..AND Careen with her caterpillar and butterfly, Luicia and Alanis.

Potlucked was decided so we could have the host (Kat) the trouble of cooking and cleaning up after that, all she had to do was throw the food wrappers again…..

We had a great time chatting and laughing, all small woman talk and all these made me feel like a school girl…..kekekeke

The party broke off around 2pm, Mandy went for her appointment with her Master, Kat was getting ready to fetch her new maid home, Irene and Careen went home.  We too went home because old me needed rest liao……exhausted but happy from all the chatting.

Went home and all konked out again……all the way until 5pm.  Woke up to the nice smelling of fried chicken wing.  David volunteed to cook fried rice because his princess told him she wanted to eat the fried rice he cooked.  Beaming with pride and happiness that his princess loved his fried rice, of cos he HAD to cook it for her.  I am of cos happy because for once, I didn’t have to be the chef…..

This weeked, instead of cycling at the park, we didn’t something different.

We are now venturing into badminton…..The kids are still too small to be playing with adult rackets so we bought plastic toys ones instead.  After a couple more practises, we should be able to let them play with the adult rackets.



The kids enjoyed the game so much that they didn’t want to go home.  Another new thing I introduced to them this weekend…..the ice bao….these were the ice popsicles we used to dig so much when I was young and because of their coughing nature, I didnt’ dare introduce these popsicles to them till now and I can see that they are loving it……how can kids not like popsicles???

Quite an eventful weekend……finished off the night slouching on the sofa watching the Singapore F1 Night Race finals.

Where is Daddy?

David is always either working late or travelling, these days, he try to keep his weekends free to keep us company.  WHY?

Because of this ……

RayAnne drew this picture and when I asked her who the people in the picture were, this is what she said –

ME: Who did you draw baby?

RayAnne: It’s you bringing me and korkor to the park.

ME: Where is Daddy?

RayAnne: Daddy go take aeroplane lor!

ME: ?!?!?!

This clearly shows how comfortable the children are not having him around.  Don’t be mistaken, they love and miss their Daddy whenever he travels but they have also gotten very comfortable with the idea that Daddy is busy, always busy with something.  For example, if David works late and the kids have to go to bed without kissing him, they would always ask, why Daddy so late come back, I miss him leh……or when he goes off for his weekly street soccer with his khakis, I would try to bring the kids out for some activity, the kids would always be asking why he isn’t playing or joining us.  To the extent that RayAnne once said, Izzit Daddy don’t want us liao?  It really hurts to hear her say such stuff but children usually say the stuff that they mean most, right from the bottom of their hearts, right?.  I didn’t have the heart to tell David what RayAnne said because just thinking about it can almost bring tears to my eyes.    So these days, David tries to do stuff with the kids.  It can be just sitting and reading a book with them or just playing ball with them, it’s just to make his DADDY status appear again, trying to make the kids feel he is with them.

I never liked the idea of him travelling so often, firstly because I want my pillar to be always with me so physically and mentally I feel I have someone to fall back on but work is work, he has to work to bring the dough home he has to work, so together, we try to make things work.  Secondly, my deepest fear came true, the kids being so comfortable with his being not around.   I am NEVER comfortable when he is travelling, I try to put up a brave front for the kids but deep down inside, I always wish the days would go by quicker so he can quickly come back to us. 

Am trying my best to hold the four of us tightly together so the kids can grow up and have me and his daddy as their Best Friends.

And as for Rayner, he is still obsessed with his BEN 10 characters, so much so he sleeps and eats and drinking and in fact breathes BEN 10.

These is what he draws these days…..

My kids are growing up……real fast

These days, whenever weather permits and Daddy is home with us, we will bring the kids to the park so the kids can polish up on their cycling skills especially when Rayner is off the training wheels, all the more he needs lots of practise to perfect his cycling skills.  As for RayAnne, she still has lots to perfect on her training wheels.

The kids get their dose of practice sessions while David and me get the chance to exercise jogging alongside them.

After last evening cycling session…..both kiddos had scratched knee caps…..

Rayner lost his balance one and fell off his bike but he never gave up, got right up and continued to ride.  RayAnne too lost her balance and fell off one, scratched her knee cap pretty badly it BLEED.  Was pretty worried she right freak out seeing blood but she didn’t……:)

Got home, washed and cleaned up their wound and gave them each a plaster to mark their first fall off their bikes……kekeke

Over the weekend, there was a Pasa Malam at Yew Tee so we bought the kids there for a stroll.  There was this booth where there’s a small little water filled pond where lots of toys were floating around.  $10 for 6 games, all the kid had to do was to hook up 6 toys using a short bamboo pole and in return they will get 6 small gifts sets and 6 small gift sets can be exchanged for a bigger gift set and Rayner has his eye set a Ben 10 Monopoly set.

He kept insisting on wanting to try the game and try to win his prized toy.

Rayner – I want to try leh, never try before

Me – Are you sure you can do it, not easy leh

Rayner – I can I can, I want to try leh

Me – ok but Mummy can’t help you.  I will only buy 6 token for you to try.  Cannot get it then that’s it ok?

Rayner – ok

Gets the pole from the vendor and proceeds to hook the toy and to my surprise, he made it seem so so easy…….in no time, he managed to hook all the 6 toys need to get his Ben 10 Monopoly set.  He was so happy and proud to show Daddy his win.

Then I was thinking what my colleague was telling me last week.

I was kinda telling her my worry about Rayner going off to Primary One next year.  Not sure if he can adapt or handle because since 3 years old, he has always been in a childcare centre and has always been very protected.  Going off to Primary is entirely different.  The school is so much bigger and there are so many more kids around, kids of all ages.  Primary school teachers are also very different from childcare centre teachers.  Can he handle it?

Then my colleague said.  Never underestimate our kids, they are far more capable than we think.  We, mothers just worry too much. 

This phase kept replaying in my head over the weekend over and over again and the incident at the pasa malam and the park made me feel that my colleague is right, Rayner is far far more capable than I think, I am underestimating him.  I should trust that he can take good care of himself and fend for himself under any situations.  I believe I have raised him well. 🙂


Darn….our company’s dinner and dance is in October and yours truely is on this year’s Recreation Committee….as if I don’t already have enough work to do, I have to be on the Recreation Committee.   No only have I been very busy with work, the activities we are planning for the company is also keeping me on my toes…..don’t even have the time to blog read……

Ok, some updates before I begin my work day…..

After 5 days of plain porridge with soya sauce……the Rays are finally well and ready to go back to school.

And my already pretty skinny kids are even skinnier now……it actually pains my heart to only feed them plain porridge and soya sauce but doctor’s order so I had no choice but to do it.  It’s for your own good.

These days…….every time I see a toy laying around the house…..I will get the kids (depending on who’s toy I find laying around) to keep the toy and their meaning of keeping it means moving it away from the spot I found it.

Just that day, I spotted a Lego Dino on our shoe cabinet……so I asked Rayner to keep it.

  The Lego Dino on the shoe cabinet.

When the kids were off to bed…..I finally get to sit down and watch some TV, this is what I found at the TV console.

 The same Lego Dino hiding behind the TV on the TV console amongst the sockets……haiz……the next day, I asked Rayner what is the Lego Dino doing behind the TV……he didn’t say anything, he just smiled…..flashed his multi million megawatt smile and got away with it.  In the end, I kept the Lego Dino……

Just as I expected, after a week’s break, the kids would be up to their usual antics when I drop them off Monday morning for school.  Even before she changed into her school uniform, teary eye, she told me….mummy, my tummy still ache, cannot go to school.  I knew what she was up to so I asked her, you be a good girl, go to school and mummy get you a toy tonight.  She nodded and told me she wanted a Snoopy…..I was scratching my head, thinking why would she want a Snoopy, she has never played with a Snoopy before, then it turns out, she wanted a Slurpee…..7-11 Slurpee!  Wah Pengz….stomach ache still can ask for Slurpee ….

Rayner however was good, so good that I decided to reward him with his favourite Ben 10 Character toy that evening when I picked them up.  My boy is growing……….

Byebye Training wheels

I mean to blog this 3 weeks back but I forgot till I was consolidating my you-tube videos then I remembered.

Rayner’s been on the training wheels for a while….been wanting to take his training wheels and let him learn to ride on 2 wheels but felt he wan’t ready.  But one day, out and about in the park, he saw another boy, smaller size and most likely younger than him, speeding around on 2 wheels, there and then, he told me, Mummy, take off my training wheels, I want to learn to ride with only 2 wheels……that boy must have spur him on!

But being the kiasu mummy, I wanted to make sure I got all the safety gear before letting him ride with 2 wheels, just in case he loses his balance and fall and hit his head.

The very day we were supposed to go to the park, it RAINED.  He was disappointed, very disappointed.  All geared up and it rained.  So Daddy decided to teach him how to ride along the corridors instead.  I was busy preparing dinner so I gave the task of coaching Rayner to ride on 2 wheels to Daddy. 

30 mins later, he came into the kitchen and told me, your son has mastered the 2 wheels already, go and see for yourself.  I was thinking, you kidding me ah!




I was speechless…..nontheless happy at his amazing progress….

And oh, I realised, RayAnne is also cycling alot faster these days, her speed has picked up alot, wondering when I can take her training wheels off……..hahahah

Fee Far Flu?!?!

The Rays are down with stomach flu.  Sent them to my mother in laws place for the day because I have training in the afternoon and can’t afford to miss it or else, I would rather take the day off and care for them myself.

Luckily we caught the stomach flu early, they are not in too bad shape…..still jumping up and down…..RayAnne is still asking for food despite running in and out of the loo several times a day….Rayner however doesn’t quite feel like eating solids.

Does she look sick???  Still munching her piglet biscuits…..haiz….that’s my baby!

Their measurements as of yesterday…..

Rayner stands at 116cm and weighs 18kg (Less than 2 months before he turns 6)

RayAnne stands at 103cm and weighs 15.5kg (5 more months to her 5th birthday)

But before the stomach flu virus set itself in, Daddy wanted to get some soccer shoes for his weekly soccer games with his buddies so off the 4 of us set off for Queensway again.

And Rayner got his first pair of shoelace shoes….the Adidas Bounce


Ever since he learnt how to tie his shoelaces, he has been bugging us for pair of shoe lace shoes….and since the kiddos needed comfortable walking shoes for the October Hongkong trip, we decided to get them each one pair……

And We got RayAnne this lovely pair of soft and light Nike Free….

Doesn’t she look lovely in them….

And since we were at Queensway, we dropped by the Disney Restaurant at AnchorPoint for dinner after reading Ivy’s post.

The food was not too bad tasting but service sucks….price was a little steep for pre-heated fast food……

The restaurant is however pretty child-friendly, lots of stuff to distract the children, there’s the huge plasma TV showing disney kids show, then there is a little corner with 2 computers for children to play games while waiting for their food….and their wash basin’s pretty cute too…..with a huge mickey mouse glove and colourful lights when the kids are washing their hands.  Certainly scores well with the kiddos but not for me!


And to end off the day, a photo with Daddy, it has been ages since they last took a photo with Daddy, I think since my digital camera’s battery died and I haven got a chance to get replaced…..been taking all photos with my handphone camera, think that’s why some of the photo sucks….perhaps it’s the user who sucks!!!

Orientation – Part 1

Received by mail the outcome of our registration to Kranji Primary a couple of weeks back but didn’t blog it because maybe the excitement of P1 registration has died-ed.



In the same form, they have also indicated that orientation has been fixed on the 17 Nov 08 a Monday and we are the bring Rayner down to the school at 8.30am for orientation.  Experienced parents have also informed me that I should also bring down sufficient cash because that will also be the day we purchase the school textbooks and school uniforms.  Thank God for these helpful experience parents or else I doubt I would not have prepared the cash for all that stuff.

Just one thing I found out……it seems that “Popular Schools” are holding their orientation day on a weekend but “Neighbour Schools” are holding their orientation on weekdays.  We have a couple of parents here at my workplace enrolling their kids in Primary 1 too and a couple of them managed to secure places in “Popular Schools” and their orientations are all on Saturdays whilst another colleague who also only managed to secure a “Neighbourhood School” placings, guess what, orientation held on a weekday just like mine.

Perhaps this is why Govt is giving us 4 more days of child care leave…….for all these nitty gritty stuff…….

Changes For the Better…..

Letter from MCYS

28 August 2008

To: Parents of Children attending Infant/ChildCare Centres

Dear Sir/Madam


The Ministry is pleased to announce that with effect from 17 August 2008, infant and child care subsidies have been increased for all Singapore Citizen children regardless of birth order.  This is to help make fees more affordable for Singaporean parents who place their children in infant/child care centre/

New Subsidy Rates for Singapore Citizen (SC) Children

The maximum monthly infant care subsidy for a working mother is $600 and the maximum monthly child care subsidy for a working mother is $300.  The subsidy rates will vary based on the programme type and working status of the mother.  To qualify as a working mother, you must work for at least 56 hours per month.

Back Payment of Infant/Childcare Subsidy for the period of 17 Aug to 31 Aug 2008

In view of the increase in infant and child care subsidies, which took effect from 17 August 2008, you will be entitled to a back payment of subsidy if you have paid the full fee for August 2008.  However, you will not receive any back payment if your child was withdrawn before 17 August 2008.

This is welcoming news for a Tuesday work day……..and if I didn’t mis-read the letter, I am now $150 richer because I am entitled to a back payment of the subsidy for August period.  And the best thing is, we would be forking out much lesser a month for schools because of the Govt child care subsidy dish out and that means for savings for my children.  I am not sure how and what the Govt is doing can encourage and entice especially people like me to have the 3rd and 4th kid.  Yes, these subsidy may help a little, we will have alittle more cash come every month end but think about the cost of having and raising the kid.  And we haven talked about the time and love we have to give to every child and in Singapore, we don’t have many hours left after our standard working hours.  And of course, the opportunity cost of having a child, there are many companies who may not accept or can’t handle female staff going on 3 – 4 months of maternity leave and we can’t risk not having our jobs back after we have the kid……yada yada yada……there is just so much more to it…….it’s just not only about dishing out money, there are just so many more factors to consider.  But this is still a welcoming start……perhaps if I get shorter working hours and a huge pay increase, I may consider having another kid…….kekekek……just saying just saying!!!