17 January 2009 – The day I turn 34.


Me and my brood……just kidding……only 2 of them comes from my factory…..the other 2 came from my younger sis.  Apparently, her younger son’s birthday is just a couple of days apart from mine so we did a family celebration at my mum’s over the weekend to celebrate his 1st and my 34th birthday…..

Earlier part of the day was spent spring cleaning the home,, the kids wanted to help so I asked them to clean their own room windows while I did the rest of the house.


Rayner working hard to clean his windows….


RayAnne here cleaning her windows.

After cleaning their own room windows, RayAnne didn’t want to clean any windows and planted herself on the sofa watching her Dora the Explorer.  Rayner volunteered to help with the windows in the living room.


Since I didn’t want him to use a stool, I told him to clean the bottom half of the window while I clean the top part, this way, we would be sharing our load.  He was satisfied with my explanation and proceeded to happily clean all the bottom parts of the window.

This was how I spent my weekend.  What did you do? Done with your spring cleaning???

This Kid in school……

I anticipated these sort of problem once Rayner starts Primary but this is only the 2 week.  I dind’t anticipated so soon.

First week of school, Rayner came home and told me his classmate Nicholas spitted on watch.  Then a couple of days later, he told me Nicholas pushed him from behind and he fell down.  Good thing he didn’t hurt himself too bad, but it did hurt so he said he cried.

So I felt it was time to write to his Form Class teacher.

And this was the reply from his teacher Mdm Chua.

Dear Mr & Mrs Sam,


Thank you for highlighting the incidents to me. 


Yes, I’ll re-emphasize to the pupils the importance of walking orderly and keeping their hands to themselves in non-play areas within the school.  In fact this has been a constant reminder that I stress upon the kids daily since school started.


I’ve spoken to the parent of Nicholas and she is very apologetic about her son’s behaviour towards Rayner.  For your information, Nicholas is a hyperactive boy and his parents will be seeking medical assistance to help him.


On my part, I’ll keep Nicholas in close watch until he is able to exercise better self-discipline.  I hope that such incidents will not happen again.


About Rayner in class:

Thanks for your information about Rayner’s personality.  I’ve put him with a group of better behaved kids in class and he has been wonderful since then.  Prior to that (1st 2 days in school), he was distracted by a friend sitting close to him and was often playing and squabbling with him, not paying attention to me.  Now, he is very much on task and after some praises from me, he tries to put on his best behaviour.


Rayner is fortunate to have supportive parents like you.  I look forward to working closely with you in his foundational year in Pri school.


Warmest Regards,

Mdm Lena Chua

Form Teacher

Class 1H of 2009

I told Rayner to try to stay as far away from Nicholas as possible to avoid further similar incidents but I guess it would be kinda hard since they are in the same class.

Yesterday, Rayner came home with a bump on his forehead and a 5 cent size bruise on his knee cap.  Due to his dark complexion, the bruise didn’t look too bad when I picked him up from school.  It was only how hard he cried when it came into contact with water then I realise, it was a pretty open bruise.  So I asked him, didn’t Nicholas do this to you?  And he said yes, he pushed me from behind.  I was more heart pain then angry to be frank but Daddy was hopping mad.  Wanted me to take the day off today and go with him to see the Form Teacher. 

Just then, my handphone rang, couldn’t recognise the number on my caller ID.  Picked up the call and the called identified herself as Mdm Chua.  Immediately I knew why she called.  The phone conversation lasted 10 mins.  She explained that she had called Nicholas’ parents and related everything to them and they are very apologetic and would seek medical assistance immediately.  In the mean time, the measures the teacher is taking is always having 2 of the bigger sized students in class partner Nicholas and whenever he goes off pushing other kids, one of them would try to stop him while the other would immediately look for the teacher.  And in class, he would be sitted with the teacher to prevent him disturbing other children.

To be fair to Nicholas, Rayner isn’t the only one he disturbs, there were a couple more victims.  I kinda pity Nicholas and his parents because and the boy actually has no control over his own behaviour and he can’t really help it  but they have to spare a little thought for our kids too.  I too understand that they may have alot to deal with especially when their kid has ADHD –  Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but I didn’t send my kid to school to go through all of this. 

I really appreciate Rayner’s Form Teacher taking the initiaitve to call us last night to explain the situation rather than having us call or email her again to find out what actually happened.

I really hope the kids’ parents will seek medical assistance and get the situation under control so all the children can learn and grow safely and I too can put my heart at eased.

One kid vs the other

For the past 1 month, lots of emphasis were put on Rayner because he’s starting a new journey and we want to be walking him through this with a good good start.  Pratically everything was about Korkor Korkor Korkor and we wanted to make sure we didn’t leave RayAnne out.

What she has been up to these days?

She’s a darling as usual, always getting praises from teachers at school.  She has always been a very well behaved girl in school.

Last week, she started writing her surname.


Probably no big deal to most mummies but it was a great deal for me.  Especially for a kid who only started written her english name a couple of months back.  She may not be able to write her entire chinese name yet but this is really good progress and I am really proud of her.

RayAnne is very different from Rayner.  Rayner has always been a special kid……thinking back, I didn’t know when he learn how to bathe himself, or when and how he learnt his ABCs or when he mastered his phonics until he surprised me when he was able to read a story book all by himself.  I didn’t even know when he mastered how to write his chinese name, all 3 characters because I was not the one who taught him.  Or when he memorised both David and mine handphone number by heart……sad to say, all these I didn’t know when he learnt and mastered it.

The only thing I knew I taught him was when he had trouble adding numbers together when he ran out of fingers to use and I taught him a simple mental method to do so and he has since been adopting that method.

But in RayAnne’s case, everything that I didn’t go through with Rayner, I had to go through with her and this is what lead me to think how different 2 kids can be.  When I had to teach her something, it always occurred to me, hmmm….why I didn’t have to teach Rayner when he was her age? 

I have already learn to accept that Rayner is a very special kid who is very independent and bright.  He will come to me if he ever does need my help to solve something he can’t solve so I have nothing to worry about.  In fact, he is now teaching me Han Yu Pin Yin everyday.  It is also good in a way he is the way he is, this way, I can focus more on teaching and helping RayAnne to achieve her and my goals we have set for her.  I am nontheless very proud of any achievements whether it’s huge or small my little Rays are making thou they are growing up day by day. 

From the very day they were born, I have seen and witnessed how they have grown and I am glad I had loads of photos to keep as momentos and I am glad that I was able to be part of that phase.  Now, they are going into a different phase and I intend to be part of it again and make more lovely memories for me and my lovely Rays and of cos David.  David may not have spent that much time with the children or be able to witness every little detail or aspect of them growing up due to work commitments but I make it point to video it down or write it down. And when the kids are asleep, we always sit down over a cup of tea  talking and laughing over videos or photos I have taken of the kids and he is always happy to hear what I have to say about what the kids have been doing or up to no matter how busy he is…….I am glad the 4 of us have this very strong bond within us….thou he is always busy with work, the kids are very very attached to him.  They always ask for him when he is at work, will always call him on his mobile when he is not home to check when he is coming home.

My darling baby made 1 pineapple tart in school and she bought it home for us to share.


So the 4 of us shared the little tart of love our baby made with her own pair of little hands.  It tasted especially nice……:)

Swim Daze

We have been spending our past 2 Sundays at the Choa Chu Kang Swimming pool because Rayner is now taking swim lessons.  We have been wanting to start swimming lessons for the kiddos for the longest time but everytime there seems to be something.  No exception this time either because I wanted him to get the hang and feel of his primary education journey before embarking on another but he beg and beg that we had not choice but to start on the 4th January 2009.  $45 for 4 lessons is kinda reasonable.  I wanted the kids to know how to swim but not competitively because I always felt they have to know how to swim to save their own lives. 

I had never had swim lessons in my life before, my dad taught me how to swim when I was in primary school.  So now, I may not be the best swimmer but I think I can still swim to save my kids and my own life should something happen.

Since Rayner is learning from a swim instructor, I wanted to prepare RayAnne.  Unlike her brother, she is a little water shy.  I went into the water her, holding onto her, teaching her how to hold her breath and dip her head into the water.  Quite good progress, she isn’t that water shy anymore, a couple more weeks with Mummy, she should be able to join her brother.


Me with RayAnne getting the feel of water.


There’s Rayner……


There’s him again waiting in line (behind the girl in bright pink swim suit) to jump into the water


And in he goes…..

Something about this boy, he had absolute no fear of water.  This was the review from the Coach.  Very good, he has no phobia of water and I never had to coax him into jumping into the water and he is always game to try out stuff unlike some of the children I taught. 

Pretty positive comments so I hope to start RayAnne with this coach in February.

What a Lovely Award to get!

What a way to fantastic way to start my day, definitely nothing blue about this monday…..heehee

All because, LZ Mommy gave me this lovely award.


As part of this award I must now list 5 addictions and then pass onto 5 more fabulous blogs!

So here are mine:

  1. Coffee
  2. Sleep *oink oink….. 
  3. Sashimi
  4. Bak Kua
  5. My 3 Sams at home

And I’m passing this award to:

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My Baby Bay


Rayner’s 1st day of school

How time flies yeah…..I am still trying to come to terms that my born in 2002 year son is now in Primary 1.  He has proven that he has grown from a whinny and clinging toddler to a sensible and independent kid who is self sufficient emotional and physically.  Why do I say that?  It is because, his childcare starting days has daunting nightmares and effect on me.  I have to come to terms to accept that he is no longer that kid and it isn’t necessary a easy thing for me to do.  Am taking it one baby step at a time.

Day 1 – 2 January 2009

Me: Rayner, do you want Mummy to bring you to school on your 1st day or you want to take the school bus.

Rayner: You bring me to SunnyGrove in the morning and teacher will bring me go take school bus.

Me: ok then, I will see you in school.

Rayner: *nods*

Went to the school bus pick up point to peek how he was doing, didn’t want him to see him.  Am worried that he would be sad or would start crying once he sees me.


Now that’s him in the yellow school t-shirt with the over-sized SPI bag waiting for the school bus.  Everything seems fine. 

Unity Primary’s school bus was the first to come, then Yew Tee Primary……followed by his school bus…..finally the school bus is here and he boards it with little/no problem.


By the time we reached the school, we missed seeing him because he went straight to the school hall and parents ain’t allowed in the school hall.  No choice, we had to come back during recess time.  Was feeling uneasy because I was worried he would be looking for us and would be sad because a lot of others parents were around.  But when I asked him during recess time if everything was ok and how he was feeling.  He just smiled and told me, school’s fun and I am very happy.  He even told me, Mummy, I didn’t cry.  *oh boy, am Mummy proud of you, sniffs sniffs*

Kranji’s buddy system sucks.  One Primary 5 kid to three Primary 1 kids.  On day 1, Rayner lost his buddy in the school canteen but luckily he was still ok.  Managed to assemble with his classmates and everything was in order.

Day 2, he was more well behaved.  His buddy told him to stay there and eat his food, he just stayed there and ate his food.


That’s him there again in the bright yellow t-shirt leaving the tibits store after buying his snacks.


Now that’s him again, eating and yakkiing away with his new found friends.

After snacks now comes the main meal….ROTI PRATA…..


And after the meal, it’s always nice to have a drink….VITASOY


After recess it was assemble time to go class and continue lessons and it was also time for the parents to vacate the school premises.


Off he goes back to his class for his remaining lessons for the day.

Then next time I would see him would be at the school bus drop off points.

The new school bus vendor sucks too…..maybe first few couple of days are supposed to be messy so I am going to give some leeway…..pang chance lar!  I just have to keep telling Rayner to learn to recognise his school bus as there were 3 school buses in Kranji.

RayAnne is taking it quite well too.  She isn’t missing her korkor too much as she is always looking forward to going to the school bus drop off point to wait for her korkor. 

And overall, the 1st day of school for Rayner went reasonably well for everyone….some hickcups here and there but it’s life…….