I’m Sorry

This incident left me in shocked and dis-belief for the whole of last night.  I couldn’t come to term to accept what has happened.


Rayner: Mummy, today at the school bus pick up point, Teacher Victoria forgot to take Ridwan’s school bus card so she left us there and went back for the card.

Me: HUH!!!  Teacher left you all there alone?!?!

Rayner: ya

Me: Then who take care of all of you?

Rayner: Ridwan lor….

Me: Who is Ridwan?

Rayner: Ridwan is a Primary 4 student at Sunnygrove.

Me: …

I was totally taken aback and stunned that I didn’t know what to say. 

After I gathered all my thoughts and feelings, I sat down and talked to Rayner.  He said he was scared after Teacher Victoria went off.  I asked him if there was another other adults there and he said there was another parent there.  He also said that the parens is there everyday to send her children off to school.  After speaking to the Administrator over this incident then realise that the PARENT he was talking about was actually a maid.  Teacher Victoria has apparently asked the maid to help look after the children while she went back to the school to get the bus card.

The school says they spoke to Teacher Victoria already and she is very sorry over what has happened.  I am seriously exploring where elseI can send the children because I have totally lost FAITH and TRUST in this school.  So many What Ifs came to mine and luckily nothing bad happened.  I cannot imagine if something were to happen……

My growing kids

I wonder if any of you mummies out there share my sentiments.  Everytime I turn around and turn back, the kids grow a little.  Not physically but mentally, I swear, they literally grow right under our noses.  Suddenly, they are no longer babies and day by day, they show signs of being more and more independent, they are no longer that reliant on us.

The Rays love to do artwork, any artwork, whether it’s just doodling with paint or crayons or painting sun catchers but we haven’t had time to do alot of artwork ever since Rayner started school in 2009.  Over the weekend, the kids dug out the whole stash of sun catchers and started to paint.  I sat down next to them expecting the children to ask me to help them but neither one of the needed my help, not ever RayAnne. 



And the finished product.


RayAnne’s honey bee bee



Rayner’s bee…..and I must say, both kiddos did a  pretty darn good job…..

Both the kiddos are able to do everything without Mummy’s help.  One hand, I am feeling happy and proud but on the other hand, I am feeling kinda sad that my kids no longer need me as much as before.  They are growing up…..

These days, library has been the IN place for us.  As the school encourages the children to read more, we are always running to the library for books.  And both the Rays love going to the library.  Especially getting their very own library card.  RayAnne can’t read but she loves to flip the books and look at pictures but Rayner is a avid reader, he reads all sorts of books and he is a pretty accomplised reader.  Rayner loves to read to his sister and RayAnne enjoys listening to her brother read to her and I always love to see the two spending time together doing stuff they love.


A break from parenting…..

yes, a break from parenthood for me and David these 2 days.  It’s the school holidays, the kids wanted to spend time with their grandparents, my grandparents also wanted to spend time with them and we too needed a break from these 2 kiddos so a mutual decision was made.  The kids will be spending the next 3 days with them.

Last night, after work, I waited for David at Yew Tee Square to have our dinner settled there.  we found a seat and he went to buy food for me, it just came flashing back, it felt so so familiar.  Exactly like how it feels 12 years back when we were still young and dating.  We have known each other since we were 13 years old but only started dating in 1997 when we were 22 years old.  If I had the nerve, I would post a photo of us when we were just 22 years old but since you don’t see any photos means I just don’t have that nerve.

Just night was simple, after we had our dinner, we walked around a bit (nothing much to shop around there) before going home.  The house feels so quiet without the Rays.  Just when I was thinking about my babies, the phone rang.  My kids called.  They wanted to tell me what they had been up to the entire day and of cos most importantly to tell me they can’t wait for Friday cos it’s Family Day for our company and this year, it will be at Wild Wild Wet at DownTown East.  I just hope the weather holds up for us or else, the Rays will be so so disappointed.

Just hearing them tell me that they miss me very much is enough to make me melt……..btw, I slept very well last night.

Making reservations at Shangri-La tonight for the 2 of us……..:)

Yippee…School Holidays Here!

This is the first year we are experiencing the school holidays and the feeling’s good.  In the past, I never knew or bothered to take note when the school holidays are because childcare centres are open 5.5 days a week and 52 weeks in a year (of cos minus the 5.5 days of closure they are entitled to).

Rayner’s happy to take a break from school.  RayAnne’s happy because her korkor would be with her the entire day.  I am happy to also take a break from running from point to point to pick up the kids one by one.

Last evening, we managed to achieve it.  David gave me a day off cooking so we ate out last night.  By 7.30pm, we were all home, tummies filled and all smelling wonderful and fresh from our showers.  Sat down and started to do a little reading with the children.


The 2 books on the left were for Rayner whilst the counting book was for RayAnne.

Rayner bought his 3 little pigs (Chinese version) to school to read.  But I have this habit of making him read the book again with me covering up all the han yu pin yin that comes with the chinese characters.  Just wanted to make sure he does not totally rely on the han yu pin yin to read, he still has to learn to recognise the chinese characters.  And I also expect him to remember all the chinese characters he learnt before.

I will also sit down and discuss with him the english story book he has read, just to make sure he understood what he read on his own.  He is a fairly good reader and he enjoys reading a lot.  But he is a far more accomplished english reader then chinese reader so that is why I am trying to help him with his Mandarin (actually I suck at mandarin, that is why I don’t want him to follow my footsteps).

The board book I borrowed for RayAnne is very interesting.  It not only makes her count, as I read the pages, it will ask related questions.  So she has to listen pretty attentively in order to be able to answer the questions correctly.   Since both kids enjoy reading, library has been the place we frequent almost every weekend.  I enjoy and started reading at a very young age and hopeful can cultivate the same habit in my kids.  I have loads of books to pass down to my children. 

After the kids were shooed off to bed, I was going through Rayner’s stationery.


I have seriously never seen anyone be able to sharpen a pencil to this length. 

Some previous post……

2 weeks back, we bought the kids to the KidzWorld at the zoo because the Rays enjoyed the water play already so much.


See how the whole big bucket of water pours down, how can any child resist this!…….this is fun……I wished I had the nerve to join in the fun…….

Bacause the Rays are already big enough to play on their own, we leave it to them to explore the place on their own, found a shady place and started to read our newspapers while sipping homemade coffee (means coffee we bought from home).  Occassionally the kids would come in for a biscuit or a sip of water.

Then, I got curious and bought a camera to spy on them, wanted to know how they play…..

And this is what I shot…..


See my little monkey clinging onto the pole…..I couldn’t help but laugh everytime I see this photo…..

Couldn’t get any shots of Rayner because that Stallion is too fast for me, run here and there like a mad horse……sorry lar, RayAnne really happens to be born in the year of the Monkey and Rayner the Horse…..:)

9 March 2009 (09032009)

The childcaré centre’s closed today for some sort of training so I took the day off work because Rayner still has to attend school in the afternoon.

Now I truely can feel the difference sending the kiddos to childcare centre in the wee hours of the morning as compared to having them spend the morning at home.

Daddy left for work as per usual, while the rest of us woke up around 8.30am.  Leisurely had our breakfast before sitting down to do some revision worksheets with the kiddos.  We even had time to squeeze in some TUBE time before they were shooed off to take their shower and lunch.

Just 5 mins to 12, the rain came pouring down and I was still hoping the sky could hold up.  It wasn’t just raining cats and dogs, it was raining elephants and rhinos……

After the 10 min walk to school, all 3 of us were wet from knee down becuase due to the heavy downpour, the pavement and walkways were all flooded.  Luckily I packed Rayner’s school shoes and socks into a bag along with a towel so he can be all clean and dry before going off for his lessons.  Couldn’t risk sending him off to class with wet and swooshing socks.  I still rmembered, that’s what my mum used to do everytime it was pouring when it was time for us to go to school.  So now, I am the MUMMY, I have to think like one too!

Since I am not working today, I told Rayner that I would be fetching him from the school gate instead and he was excited.  He has always wanted me to send and fetch him to and fro school but he understood that I had to work and thus the reason why he had to take the school bus.  He always say, Mummy, if you are not working, I want you to send me to school and fetch me from school.  When you are working then I take school bus.  This boy never fails to know how to tug my heart strings, so whenever I am not working, I would definitely try to send him to school and fetch him from school. 

Once the rain eases, will bring RayAnne to the library to get the library card.

Best Mommy Award

All thanks to 2 lovely mommies who thinks I deserved this award……LZ Mommy (Jane) & Eileen – Blur Blur

I am so so touched, I didn’t know what to say but THANKS Dearies……think we all worked really hard to come to this day!


The rules:
1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo(s).
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
3. Nominate other blogger mom’s out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.

I don’t really dare say I am truely deserving of this award but I know I have given my very best to them…….and the best experience would be hearing the children telling/showing you how much they truely appreciate how much you have done for them and children don’t lie when it comes to showing their love for people they love….. 

This award goes out to all mommies in the world……. 

RayAnne’s Birthday – Part 2

The day RayAnne’s been gearing up for since we entered 2009.

The kids are old enough to pack their own goodie bags so I just sat back and watched…..heehee


See how engrossed she is?


Rayner helped out too!

RayAnne asked for 2 birthday cakes.  Usually one to celebrate with my parents and the other would be for her school.  Oh what the hey, birthday only comes once a year and it isn’t always your kid turns 5.  The day will come when your kid will no longer want a birthday cake and that would be the time you wished they were still young.


That’s the Dora Princess cake she specifically asked for…..


Our usual small and cozy birthday celebrations at my mum’s place.  Geez….look how much she has grown! 


Now, that’s the 2nd cake she asked for specifically for her school, Disney Princess cake…..


Now, that’s my baby taking in a deep breath and getting ready to blow out her birthday candles.

After the cake cutting, she proceeded to give out the slices of cake to all her friends and teachers at school.  After which, it was soon time to give out the goodie bags.  Which kid doesn’t like goodie bags????

After all celebrations ceased, it was  time to resume lessons and I took her home for a shower before we set out shopping.  Due to time constraint, we were unable to go very far because we had to be back in time to wait for Rayner’s school bus but my girl was happy just to spend time at Lot 1 shopping mall.  Told her she could go anywhere her little heart desires.  First stop, she asked for a pair of strawberry sandels so we got her what she wanted.  Next stop, she dragged me into Watsons and we bot her a pack of Jagabee potatoe chip.  Next and final stop, she asked to go to the library.


RayAnne’s a simple girl.  All she wants is just to spend time with me, it doesn’t really matter where or what she does.  She doesn’t even want me to buy her toys……and that is why my kids are my motivation and whatever I do for it, it was always worth every bit of my effort.

School holidays are round the corner and I am planning to see what I can do with the kiddos.  And I still owe LZ Mommy something (tag)…..kekeke

Last but not the least, Happy 5th Birthday my baby and mummy loves you very much right from the bottom of my heart!