Happy Birthday my dear Hubby

Sunday was David’s birthday and ever since both pairs of his Adidas sports shoe got stolen, he’s been feeling pretty upset.  I decided to get him a new pair for his birthday.  So the four of us made our way to Queensway shopping centre and got Daddy’s present.


Since Ikea was just a stone’s throw away and the kids asked to play at the Ikea’s children play area, we obligated.  They played to their heart’s content for an hour and we had our 1 hour child-free time.   Taking our time and browsing at furniture.


Does he or does he not look cute slinging Rayner’s transformer pouch…..heehee

Picked the kids up after the hour was up and proceed to Anchorpoint for dinner.  The kids wanted to eat western so we settled our dinner at Jack’s Place. 



Making monkey faces at the camera……

By the time we reached home, it was already 8pm.  Tucked the kids into bed because there’s school the next day and this was how we spent Daddy’s birthday.  Daddy didn’t want cakes so we didn’t any this time, the kids were of course disappointed but we were all too full to eat anything anway.

Anyway, Happy Birthday my DEAR…..


Over the weekend, when we were taking the seat covers from the Ray’s booster seat for washing, this question surfaced.  Do the kids still need to sit on booster seats??  The answer was dunno leh, not too sure if the mandatory age is 7 or 8 years old.  By the way, since buying the booster seats a couple of years back, this is only the 2nd time we took it out for washing…..ewwwww….gross right but the kids are not allowed to eat in the car so that should it be not so ewwww….but still ewwww lar……

Didn’t some searching and surfing on the net and this is what I found out.


Either charts seems to have indicated that the Rays are a little light on weight for their age group which means they still have to stay in their booster seats for a while.  But I think they have no issue sitting in their booster seats as the seat give them leverage…….literally upward leverage so they would be able to look out the windows without much of a strain.  And I am glad I bought the booster seats with the back rest so it gives the kids more support and and is suppose the secure them better and keeps them safer.

Are your kids in the right child seat?

Busy Weekend…

It was a busy weekend.  Initially made plans to go back to my mum’s place for dinner on Saturday but some last mintues changes made us change our plans.

My youngest nephew has been down for almost a week with a roller coaster fever and not to mention a nasty cough and cold for coming 3 weeks.  That’s really uncomfortable for a 15 month old.  He can’t expel his phlegm and every time he sneezes, a big bubble emerges and since he still can’t talk, he will cry pretty loudly for attention.  His brother is also sick and down with similar symptons (minus the fever).  We reckon because he goes to school 3 times a week, he brings home germs and viruses.  He is older so maybe his immune system is stronger than his 15 month old brother.  The finally straw came with the younger one broke out in a serious rash which covered his entire body.  The doctor suggested that he be bought to KKH for an X-ray and a blood test to determine what is the rash is about and also determine how much phlegm is stuck in his little lungs.

Didn’t want to bring the Rays to the hospital and David wanted to go along with us to help, we left the kids in the care of my mother in law.  We spent a good 3 hours at KKH on saturday.  The doctors too could not determine what the rest was about, his blood test was good and lungs were not too congested.  Prescribed a good dose of antibiotic, advised us to keep a good watch of the rashes.  If it evolves into a different form or colour, we were to immediately send him back to the hospital.  It could mean it could be an allergy or adverse reaction to the infection attacking him.

Sent my sister and her kid home to my mum’s place before cleaning up the entire car with dettol wipes.  Bought both the car seat home to be washed and throughly cleaned.  All the seat covers and cushion were washed with dettol and warm water to kill all germs.  Aired the interior of the car for a while before fetching the Rays.  The Rays were disappointed that they couldn’t go back to my parents place but were more concerned with the kids.  Kept asking if Asher was okay and whether if he cried in the hospital…..my sis was touched but at the same time, she felt sad and sorry that because of her kids, we were unable to come back and spend time together.  Told her not to be silly and we can always come back another day.

Since we couldn’t go back to my mum’s place for dinner, we decided to bring the kids out to dine at Swensen’s.  They have been asking to go to Swensen’s for the longest time.  Order a main course for David and myself.  The kids asked for the kids meal and of course ice cream.  How can we not have ice cream at Swensen’s right.  The kids walloped their kids meals and wiped the plate cleaned.  So clean, I think Swensen’s kitchen staff will not need to wash the plates.

Walked around Causeway point for a while after dinner before making our way home.

Sunday is SWIM DAY.  After their swim class, we went for lunch and did our grocery shopping as per usual before heading home to rest.  Received in the mail box ISETAN’s sales brochure and saw them promoting Mother’s Day cake.  Also saw them promoting some Volcano Ash cream which costs a BOMB, $64 for 300g.  Fooled around and asked David to buy it for me.  RayAnne came over and took a look at the cream and told me, Mummy, I buy for you lar.

Then the Rays started to discuss what to get for me on Mother’s Days.  And this is what they brain stormed in my presence.

Rayner: Mummy, I buy perfume for you lar….

Me: you will go my room and get one of my bottles and give to me izzit…

Rayner: *gives me a cheeky smile* no lar, I go outside and buy

RayAnne: I buy the cream for you mummy…

Me: no need baby, mummy only playing with Papa

Rayner: I buy present from school for you?

Me: please don’t buy pencils or colour pencils for me okay!

Rayner: I buy a spinning TOP for you…..

Me: ???

RayAnne: Mummy, I buy cake for you to eat…..

Me: ok, thank you baby

Both kids rush over and planted a kiss on my cheeks, one on my left and the other on my right……haiz…..who says it doesn’t pay to have kids……whatever pain they may bring, whatever anger they may cause you, the joy they bring to you definitely will out-weigh the cons.  The kids were too young for me to say things like….As long as you are happy and healthy, Mummy is happy or As long as you are good girls and boys, Mummy will be very happy…..I shall leave these phases till they are much older…..for now, I am contented with whatever I have.


It’s almost been a week since I last updated.  Things has been rather crazy round work and home.  But thank goodness everything’s more or less settled down already.

The rays visited their new schools to be and they have given us a green light (ok to change school).  I wanted to make sure they were fine with the idea of changing a new environment because stepping out of a familiar place into a whole new environment may be tramatising  for kids.  Even us adults will get some butterflies in our stomach when we join a new company, what say the kids…..

A little about Wharton Junior Academy.

I am pretty happy about their circulium and it’s a pretty conducive area for the kids to study thou space is a little small but I heard they are expanding.  Children there all seems more well behaved and mild as compared to the current school.  Teachers too are more gentle and focus and more professional.  RayAnne saw Sherry there and both the girls were smiling and making funny faces at each other.  With Sherry there, I am sure RayAnne will fit in just fine.

A little something about Growing Up.

It’s no longer a childcare centre environment school anymore.  So Rayner’s got to get used to it but since he already has some friends there, I figure he should be fine too…..Space wise, Growing Up is much bigger and spacious.

Now that the Rays will be doing their studies apart, I hope this will give RayAnne a change to SHINE.  She will no longer be living in her brother’s shadow.  With the better circulium and better environment, better teachers and better teaching aids….I hope we can help RayAnne build a good foundation and get her ready for her primary school education.

Logistic wise is definitely going to drive me crazy esp in the initial stage but for the welfare of my kids, it will be worth it……a hectic lifestype may probably help me keep the pounds off……

A little update on the Ray’s diet.

I have been preparing simple lunch boxes for Rayner to bring to school to eat for the last 2 months.  So he has been having rice and food and fruits for the last 2 months during recess every school day.  All my effort were seen when we weighed him last week.  20KG……finally, he has reached 20kg….his weight has been hovering over the 18.5kg mark for the longest time…..at least now wind blow will not be blown away….heehee

Daddy gets a share too…..since I am packing recess food for Rayner, Daddy gets lunch packed for him too but don’t worry, his will not come in the cute bento boxes and portion will be 3 times larger than Rayner’s……:)

Not forgetting breakfast, I reckon the Rays are not taking very well, heavy or good breakfast in school these days.  In fact, I think some days, they don’t even eat the breakfast they serve in school but the teacher don’t care that much if they eat or not but I CARE, so I decided to pack breakfast boxes for them to bring to school.  Packed them with food they like and make sure they eat well.  From cereals to biscuits to bread to saralee cakes and fruits……there are fruits everyday for them, my fridge these day is packed with fruits.


This is a 2 tier lunch box…..top one for RayAnne and bottom one for Rayner.  Both packed with the same food but different food every day.  So now, they get their necessary daily doses of fruits and vegetable everyday.  Afterall, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  Eat well and learn well.  Happy children, happy mummy!

I’m tired…

So much has happened over the past few months that I feel I am a little stretched.

I am still trying to adapt to the change.  The transition of Rayner attedning Primary School.  All the extra activities over the weekend.  I seriously have no idea how the kids go through all these.

And now, with all challenges placed before me.  I have come to accept that SunnyGrove was a wrong move.   Though staying put at Learning Vision wasn’t one of the option because they do not offer Student Care serivces.

After lots of analysing and discussion with teachers and friends around us, we have come to terms that Rayner’s strong and out-spoken character has very much over-shadowed RayAnne.  She is never given a chance to voice her thoughts because her brother is always there talking and voicing out his thought and in time, she has clammed up.  It’s our fault in a way because we didn’t intereve or rather only until now, then we realised what has happened.  Though we do not believe in curbing Rayner from being as out-spoken a character he is today but we certainly believe that RayAnne has to be given a chance.  And she should not be afraid to say what she wants to say!  I have to help my baby over come this.

So we have decided to put them in different schools for now.  Logistics wise would be crazy but I believe for the good of both kids, we have to do it.

We have shortlisted another school within the CCK vicinity.  It’s called the Wharton Junior Academy.   It was recommended by Mandy, my buddy.  She put Sherry there and results can be seen and witnessed.  And I now believe that I have compromised RayAnne’s education journey by putting her in SunnyGrove.  So much has happened at SunnyGrove that I do not wish to talk about.  For now, I would just like to start a brand NEW CHAPTER.  Rayner had a good start in his preschool education journey in Learning Vision when he started Nursery.  It was Learning Vision who built him from scratch and I really saw the results and improvement after 2.5 years at Learning Vision.  I know that every child learns and progresses at their own speed.  Rayner is a fast learner and RayAnne may be a later bloomer.  I have already accepted that fact and for now, my goal is just to give her the best we can and hope we can help her turn things around.

So, come these 2 weeks, we would be busy visiting new school for both Rayner and RayAnne.  Since the children would be in different school, that means different drop off points in the morning.  That would meant more time would be taken and David would not longer be able to send me to work.  He starts work at 8.15am while I start work at 8.00am.  We do not have flexi hours so we are considering getting a smaller and more fuel ecomony yippie car for me.  Considering a Jazz, March or Swift.  Anyone interested to sell theirs, let me know.

Yesterday David went for a job interview.  And if it goes through, it would mean a better pay (far better pay), more and higher benefits (car allowances and petrol) but he would be required to be travelling 40% of the time.  So all the more I would need another car for myself since he would need his car for 50% of the time he is in town.  Only when he needs to be travelling 90% of the time, we would consider just keeping one car.

So, wish me luck……