It’s been a good 10 years

For those of you who know me, would know that my 10 year anniversary would mean from the day we ROM-ed (08.05.99).  2 years later, we had the customary wedding dinner just to pacify my father in law who in the first place came to a mutual agreement with my parents to make do without the wedding dinner.  So the wedding dinner meant nothing to us, it was just to get it over and done with.

We both took the day off.  After dropping the kids in school, off we went to a couple spa treatment which David had specially booked for this occassion.  Quite shy to say that I have never been to spa before, maybe I never had the time or perhaps it has never occurred to me to spend money on such luxuries.

Nontheless, it was a good experience.  I just hope it will not have to be our 20th anniversary before we visit another spa.

I felt quite quity because I didn’t get anything for my man.  He took the initiative to source around and booked a couple spa for our 10th anniversary, he even bought me a diamond pendant because he felt he hasn’t bought me stuff in a long time.  But I didn’t get him anything.  Thank you dear…..

A whole new month of MAY

Today 4 May 2009, the Rays begin their new education journey separately.

This is the first time RayAnne will be on her very own… the past, she had always had her brother with her.


Learning Vision Days


SunnyGrove Days


And Wharton Days……

And today, she’s on her own.  Not to mention, Rayner’s on his own too and off to another Student Care.  I took the day off to settle all the nick nacks of school.  I just want to make sure they settle in well and are safe.  Ok ok, I am a KS mummy but who can blame me?

Rayner cried…..I am not surprised…..he cried saying goodbye and refused to let me go which kissing and hugging me.  Even the teacher was surprise how he reacted.  On my way home after dropping RayAnne, I had to walk past Rayner’s class and managed to sneak a peek at him, he was already his own cheeky self.  Haiz……I wonder who is more clingy, mummy or him???

RayAnne cried too when I dropped her off but it wasn’t as bad as her brother.  Stayed with her and waited for her teacher.  Spoken briefly with her teacher before the little girl came and told me to go home…….haiz……think she is more steady than her brother lor!

Will be doing a spiderman stunt later in the afternoon.  Since the teacher at the student care centre will be walking the children to school later, I plan to follow behind and see how things goes.  Other than that, I get the day pretty much to myself since I only need to wait for the children at the school bus drop off point since both Rays will be taking school bus.

We will get more updates from the kids when they come back from school today……

Keeping my fingers crossed because weather doesn’t look too good!