Weekend in JB

This is truely a break for us…Friday’s a Public Holiday in Singapore so no work.  No Ephonics class for the little girl and no swim lessons on Sunday for the Rays because it happens to be the 5th Sunday of the month (lessons only run from 1st – 4th week).

David will also have the Public Holiday off so we initially planned to drive up to Johor Bahru to spend the night at the hotel he is staying because the kids are simply crazy about spending the night at Daddy’s hotel room.  Just the thought of sleeping in the hotel is enough to send their excitement level to rocket high levels.

But we were too tired to drive in Thursday night so we drove in Friday night instead.  Traffic wasn’t too bad…..Daddy bought us around for dinner and quickly went back to the hotel where the kids hogged the bath tub for the rest of the night.  It was a junior suite so it was spacious enough for the 4 of us, we only requested for a extra bed for Rayner to sleep in.  RayAnne slept with us in the king size bed.

Daddy went to work on Saturday and me and the kids went to a nearby mall to look see look see.  Nothing to buy so we just walked around abit, settled our lunch there before going to the hotel because the kids wanted to swim.  And I tot they were already pretty sick of swimming. heehee

And that’s the kids fooling around at the hotel’s pool.

David only spent a couple of hours at work and he came back early afternoon and since there’s nothing much in do in JB anyway and he doesn’t need to work on Sunday, we decided to go back and spend the rest of the weekend in our own pig sty……kekeke….

It was a simple break but refreshing one for the kids and us.

Time really flies…

Felt not too long ago I posted about Rayner’s starting his 1st day of Primary 1 and in another month’s time (agar agar), he would be starting Primary 2.  Time really flies ah!

Last Friday officially marks the start of the year end school holidays.  Rayner was delighted. RayAnne’s child care would be closed for an entire week for renovation works so the pair would be spending next entire week with my in laws.

I have loads to do….I have already received Rayner’s 2010 booklist and have gotten 80% of the books from Popular Bookshop, the other 20% of the remaining stuff, I will have to get them from the school bookshop, he will also require a couple more sets of uniform.   His SPI bag is getting kinda dirty and I am really lazy to wash it myself so I decided to take advantage of the Kinderfun’s trade-in offer to get him another new bag instead plus he has already set his eyes on a black SPI bag so that’s on my To-Do List.  So much to do yet so little time….

For some reasons, Rayner refuses to do or touch any of his Primary 1 revision worksheets I asked him to practise on when he is at my in laws place and insisted that I get Primary 2 worksheets for him.  His rational is…I am in Primary 2 liao mah….I should be doing Primary 2 books already! For now he wins but I will still try to find my way to brainwash him to practise with his Primary 1 worksheets.

For RayAnne, I felt kinda bad because last year this time, I was so occupied with preparing Rayner and stuff for Rayner because he was starting Primary 1 and this year again, I am busy with his stuff.  So last night, I decided to do up something for the little girl.  I went online and surfed for a while before I found something suitable and starting making them for her.

She been having fun turning the wheels and attempting to read the words……I am glad she is learning it the fun way.


Choa Chu Kang Idol??? :)

The kids have been crazy about Camp Rock even since it aired on OKTO 3 weeks back, especially Rayner.  He’s been telling me he loves the show especially the songs but I had NO IDEA he loved it so much.

I couldn’t stop laughing….hope it would also bring a smile to your face when you see him acting so drama baby…..wah piang….where the hell he got those genes from…neither David nor me is that VOCAL…..kekeke

Just in case you don’t know the Camp Rock song….

Can’t seem to load Camp Rock song so if you don’t know the Camp Rock Song “This Is Me” he is singing…Click the link below.



World Kindness Day



Today on my way to work, I heard on the radio that it’s World Kindess Day and gerberas are being given out at selected MRT stations for you to give out to people whom you appreciate.  I was still thinking that how nice it would be to get a Kindness Flower….and right after lunch, I saw a lovely yellow gerbera with a World Kindness Day sticker attached to it.  I was totally AWWWWW and next was who who who….Never in a million years would I expect to get a gerbera on a World Kindness Day 🙂


Called Bee Ling, called Mandy but it was neither of them.  It was Ms Tan, our dear sweet Ms Tan….she got 5 gerberas….one for mandy, one for mei yee, one for ah liaun, one for me and one for herself……

Anyway, thank you Ms Tan….really brighten my tired soul this gloomy friday afternoon and bought about a huge huge smile…..now I feel so recharged.



1st extraction…



At 5 years 8 months & 15 days…my little princess had her first tooth extraction, not by a professional dentist but by Yours Truely.  Her teeth are all pretty small in size compared to her brother so extracting it didn’t take much of an effort.  I was glad I did it because she could have swallowed her tooth eating her food as it was already very shaky.

She was brave, didn’t cry but was screaming each time I attempt to get a good grip on her tooth….I guess the intensity and fear naturally builds up especially in times like these.

Her brother lost his first tooth around the same time too……

Today Rayner’s primary school bought them to watch a musical called The Jungle Book.  He was so hyped up about the trip that he didn’t need me to remind him to pack his stuff.


And this was how he took notes from school to help himself remember what he needed to bring for today’s event.


This boy is especially protective and conscious about his stuff.  This was not the first time I have seen him clean his pencil case with wet tissue and followed by dry tissue.  He was also cleaning his ruler and pencils and pens.  Polishing them to the core before placing them neatly into his pencil case before putting it back into his bag.  He spent a good 20 minutes cleaning this precious transformer pencil case….


After packing everything up, the kids just lay on the sofa enjoying last night’s episode Daddy At Home…..dunno what, but everytime they watch the show, they would be giggling and giggling over their conversation…they simply found the show very funny!

Sick Month

Looks like the sun hasn’t been shining brightly down on us these couple of weeks.  Rayner fell down last week (thank god nothing serious) and he was down with gastric flu last friday and missed school.  Yesterday, he visited the school’s sick bay again.  The school called me late afternoon and told me he was running a fever.  After fetching Rayner, we went to fetch RayAnne.  Then RayAnne told me she’s got a tummy ache and had a few runs already.  Looks like he successfully passed his gastric flu germs to her.

Quickly bought them both to the doctor last night and the doctor confirmed it.  RayAnne’s gotten the gastric flu bug from her brother….exactly the same symptons as her brother and the brother somehow managed to got himself a new germ, viral fever.  So both kids didn’t go to school today, I dropped them off at my mother in law’s place.  I am so glad that in times like this, my mother in law stood out and lent her helping hand to me.    Seriously, she would be the last person on my mind that would HELP me…..even my parents can’t be here for me.  For those of you who had followed my blog long enough would know that I didn’t have a very good relationship with my mother in law.  Nothing serious but just a conflict of interest.  So as long as we don’t stay under one roof, everything would be A-Okay….

Rayner’s going to have to re-sit for the 2 papers he will be missing today and tomorrow.  Hope the sick spell will be over very soon……