My Rays

These couple of months has been pretty rough but we are still managing…

I have finally decided to face reality with regards to RayAnne’s issue and made appointments with KKH & NUH’s Child Development Units to have her accessed for any learning disabilities.   We will only know more after our scheduled appointments and I hope my baby’s normal.  She is making good progress with her spelling these days.  Her weekly Primary preparatory class, she has to learn 7 new words and will be tested every week and Alternate week at her childcare centre, she has another like5 english words and 3 chinese characters for spelling.  And to help expand her memory, we are always playing memory grames with her these days and every now and then, give her pop spelling to reinforce all the words she has learnt before.  I will not deny it’s hard work for everyone especially RayAnne because she is really putting 101% of effort in but I am glad most importantly she is enjoying it so I don’t mind the extra effort to help her.

Things with Rayner has also been improving now that he is seeing a counsellor at school.

He has become more considerate but occassional spurs of emotions still manages to flow out and being a boy, playfulness will be part of the package.

See what I mean, the written notes on the most top right corner was dated 15 April 2010 and the written notes on the yellow paper was dated 16 April 2010.  Just one day apart and his behaviour can be so drastically different.

But on the other hand, he has been rather responsible for his own school work.  SAs are round the corner and he is seriously preparing for it.  Just last night, he took out his alarm clock and set alarm for 1 hour.  That’s his exam time to complete his composition.

These couple of weeks, he has been rather close to his sister too.  The girl has also been very sticky to her brother.  She wanted him to read her a book before she goes off to sleep in the night or before she takes her afternoon nap in the afternoon on weekends and he gladly takes on the responsibility.

The siblings have grown quite apart within the last couple of months.  Growing apart in my context means they have been busy and preoccupied with their own stuff ever since the older kid got into primary school.  So it’s nice to know that the children are keeping their flame alive by doing simple day to day things together.  RayAnne enjoys being pampered by her brother and Rayner enjoys pampering and taking care of his little sister.  He has also taken on the role of being the man of the house now that Daddy is always away.