One BAD day in June 10

Last Friday, which happens to be the last day of the school holidays.  My little girl fell and hurt her arm.  No one took it serious as this wasn’t the first time she has fallen and hurt herself.  But still, being a responsible and kiasu parent, I bought her to a GP.  Mistake was, I should have bought her to KKH for X-ray instead. 

The end result……

My little girl in a cast….

2nd part of June 2010 Holidays

David has completed his Malaysia assignment and is currently taking a 2 week break before starting on his next assignment and  since I am required to take blocked leave, I planned to coincide with David’s off days.  The best thing is, Rayner’s having his school vacation.  This is the time we get to spend some quality time together.  Since it was too late to out of the country, we decided to spend our time in Singapore doing activities the kids love.

First activity up was RayAnne’s Fantasy Fairy-Tale costume party in school.  I initially bought a Snow White Costume for her but it turns out there wasn’t any zipper on the costume and it will be quite troublesome for her to take the costume off when she needs to visit the little girl’s room and so off we went to scout for her new costume.

That’s my little ball of sunshine in her Snow White’s costume, very cute isn’t it……

Now here’s her in her Belle Princess gown….

The costume cost a bomb but I reckon it was worth it.  Anything for my baby, plus I always wanted a princess gown when I was a little girl but never got around to getting one.  I always felt every girl should get a princess gown at some point in their life.  She had a great time in school playing princess for a day and I am glad she had fun.

05 June 2010, Saturday – Marina Barrage

We visited the Marina Barrage…..boy was it crowded…..there were more kites overhead than people on the ground.

This was the first visit to the Marina Barrage.

Marina Barrage by night

05 June 2010 – The Singapore Flyer

After that, we went up on the Singapore Flyer.  They were having a promotion during the time and for a family of 4, we only had to pay the fare for 2 adults.

It was RayAnne’s 2nd visit and our 1st visit on the Singapore Flyer.

Night shot from the Singapore Flyer Capsule

14 June 2010, Monday  East Coast Park

We visited East Coast Park to have a fun day of cycling and playing sand.

The kids are getting great at cycling.  And they can go really fast, so fast that I had trouble keeping up.  Rayner has always been a very confident cyclist and now even RayAnne has muster enough confident to go really fast on her bicycle.

15 June 2010, Tuesday- A Full Filled Day at the Wild Wild Wet Park

One year ago when we visited the Wild Wild Wet Park, Rayner wasn’t tall enough to play most of the rides but now one year on, the boy has grown tall enough to meet the minimum height requirements to play all the rides and I am glad David is around to play all the rough rides with him while I stayed and accompany the little girl around the kiddy playarea.

Segway Personal Transporter

Pasir Ris DownTown East was having a showcase of the Segway Personal Transporter (PT).  Jackie Chan ‘s International Superstar & GoGreen Segway ambassador. The Segway PT is an environmental friendly short-distance transportation alternative.  Being fukky-electric, the Segway PT is zero emission during operation.  It does draw power from the electricial grid during recharge, but that electiricty casues 14 times less greenhouse gas emissions that driving your car the same distance.  The Segway PT helps to reduce the impact of global warming by reducing our greenhouse gas output and consumption of imported fossil fuels.

The kids having a go at the Segway PT.

Observing the kids trying to control the Segway PT, I must say, it isn’t as easy as it looks, it does require certain amount of body and  hand co-ordination to maneuver the Segway PT around.  But after a few rounds of practise, they managed to master it.

The rest of the other days were spending shopping around to get household items replaced, some days were spent at my sister’s home helping her to unpack since moving into her new place about 2 weeks back.