3 sicks because all  of us are down.

RayAnne was the first to fall ill.  I realised it was not ordinary cold and cough after being on medication for a full week and she wasn’t improving.  The last straw came when she woke up one mroning, unable to open her eyes.  All the watery eye shit and discharge glued her eyes shut.  Her eyes were red and swollen.  There and then, I knew I had to see Dr Tan.   Thank goodness for good doctor, after 2 doses of his meds, she’s already much better.

Then it was my turn.  My throat was infection and that resulted in a mild fever.  Plus, I badly need sleep and rest.  Took a day mc, fetch the kids home earlier and slept my day away.

Now, it’s Rayner’s turn.  He has a eye infection.  The skin around his eyes were infection.  Thank goodness, the eye wasn’t infected.  He just has to be on a course of antibiotics and we are going to have to continue to monitor his condition.

His right eye is all red and puffed up…..

Next week’s exam week so I hope this will not affect his exam.

Now that the little one’s all well.  She started asking for me to bring her to get her ears pierced.  She’s been asking for it for a couple of months already so today we made our way to West Mall for her piercing.  Bought her white gold earings to prevent sensitivity, didn’t want to take any chance her ears act up and become sensitive.

Now the gal’s a happy girl……

Just over the weekend, we celebrated Rayner and my mummy’s birthday……

66 candles altogether…….my mum’s 58 and Rayner’s 8…….that’s whole lot of candles flamming……wohahahaha!

Daddy should be back end of this week and we will have another round of celebrations.


Within a short span of 11 days, the cases of HFMD at RayAnne’s school rose from a mere 1 case to 16 cases.  Wooh! Now that’s scary. 

The school’s been trying to clean and disinfect the school but all their effort is easily compromised by irresponsible and ignorant parents.  I say so because I personally witnessed a pair of parents carrying toddlers in their arms waltz swiftly into the school premises.  At that moment, it was the school fault not to deploy enough teachers to man the entrance area thus allowing the 2 ignorant parents to sneak in.  But it was still no excuse because there were many other responsible parents who were waiting outside the school while our kids were being screened and checked.  It was a daily routine……not to hard to follow.

Some may say, they are rushing off to work, but which parent who send their kids to childcare centres do not need to rush off to work???  All you have to do is exercise some simple patience and show some responsibility.  Are they totally ignorant or plain irrresponsible?  Don’t they know that WE can be HOST, carrying the disease and we may be strong enough to not fall ill.  But not the defendless toddlers who are still trying hard to built up their immume system.  We had 30 over years to built our immume system and we are pretty strong compared to 3 year old who have just started school and are working hard to built a strong immune system.

I am angry because I don’t understand why they do no see the connection.  It’s your own kids who will suffer.  Why????  As parents of young schooling kids, WE SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!!

Anyway, I anticipate that MCYS will be issuing the school with a 10 day mandatory closure.  Have asked my MIL to help care for RayAnne while school’s closed.  Rayner will still have to attend school and this is EXAM week.

Hope the 10 day mandatory closure will help to stop the cases from spreading further.

10 minutes

Even before we started dating, as friends, we were always on the phone.  Then we started dating, we spent alot more time on the phone.  We would be chatting into the dead of the night.  I swore, there are times, I literally fell asleep then woke up again to continue to conversation and I am sure, it was the same with him.  It was then…..

Then when we got married, phone conversations got shorter by the year.  We have been married for 11 years and these days, we hardly chat on the phone.  Not because we have nothing to say to each other, but simply because we are both busy with our stuff.  Instead of phone conversations, we choose to scarifice our sleep time and chat till we are too tired to talk and slip into slumberland.  Now that isn’t an option anymore as David is always away so we started chatting on the phone as and when he can get a telephone connection.

But this particular place he is working at now, only allows phone calls of up to 10 minutes per person, 9 minutes 30 seconds and like a public phone, you would hear a beep prompting you that your 1o minutes is up.  Now, I truely realise precious the 10 minutes is, and trying to squeeze all’s that happen into 10 minutes is a CHALLENGE.

But in a way, it has made us treasure the precious 10 minutes each day.

I think I am strong but I am NOT….

30 Sep 2010

Children’s Day celebration at RayAnne’s School and she came home with lots of presents…..she has 10 over presents from her teachers…..the little one was over the moon….she was so happy.

BTW, the pink and green flower balloon’s for me……the school had a mini fun fair and my baby bought me a flower…..how sweet!

She even had a false rose tatoo sticker on her arm and she wasn’t shy to show it off……

1 October 2010

I was involved in a HIT & RUN accident along Thomson Road.  I was hit by a Huge construction truck.  When I horn to catch the attention of the driver hoping to make him stop his vehicle, instead of stopping, he drove off.  I immediately made a police report and also made my way to the service centre to get the damage accessed.

David was upset seeing his car dented and scratched.  We decided the reporting stops at the police station and reporting centre.  We will not try to do a 3rd party claim because of all the hassle.  We will be sending the car for repair and we will be liable for the repair cost.  Plus side-swipes accidents usually only results in 50:50 chance of claim.

3 October 2010

David’s due to travel out today again.  And this is the first time I am sending him to the airport.  The minute he set foot through the departure gate, my tears started to come down.  Even as I am penning this down, my eyes are welling up.  It has been a year since he’s taken on this new travel routine.  I thought I am quite season already but the fact is, I AM NOT.  The kids missed daddy but non of them dropped a tear but it was me who was crying like a baby.  Of cos, I made sure the tears dropped only when his back was turned.  Don’t want him to see me crying and leave with a heavy heart……

The kids saw and ask me why were my eyes red and why I looked like I was crying.  That was the trigger, tears started to drop continously.  The kids shocked and both started to hug me and even started to comfort me saying Daddy would be back soon and ME….I just kept dropping tears. I guess I am just a emotional freak.   Luckily I have the kids with me in the car throughout the entire journey home or else, I can bet you, I would be crying my whole way home……geez…….I am LOUSY!!!  I guess I am not as strong as I think, it’s just a false facade I have always been putting up for my LOVED ones!

Tomorrow, I will be sending the car in for servicing and I would be car-less for the next 3 days.  If nothing goes wrong, I would get my car back by Wednesday.