18 December 2010

We celebrated Christmas with Daddy earlier because he would be away during the Christmas period.  We did old skool, we baked our own chicken and grilled our own steak, had salad and mashed pototoe and mushroom soup.  The meal was simple and nice. 

The kids opened up their Christmas presents and started playing with them.  Rayner got his skateboard (those 2 directional boards, I have no idea what you call them) from Mandy and more beyblades from me.  RayAnne got more Sylvanian Families toys from Mandy and me.

We baked cookies with Daddy earlier in the afternoon and spent the entire day munching on the home made oatmeal cookies.  My love shaped cookies for Daddy.

Didn’t intentional made them out to be LOVE SHAPED….just so happen it became LOVE SHAPED after baking.

The kids had most fun baking……

19 December 2010

We were cycling in the park.  RayAnne tried on Rayner’s moutain bike while Rayner had the chance to try out the new skateboard from Auntie Mandy.

The first picture is her on her little bike.  She seems so over sized for her little bike.  The second picture is her on her brother’s mountain bike.  She mounted the bike and rode off with ease.

Then there’s Rayner working really hard trying to balance on his skateboard.  Bumped into his friend at the park and his friend was kind enough to offer his tips and advise.

It looks easy but trust me, it’s really hard.  Try to balance it while still moving forward is not easy feat but nothing too much for kids.  Once they set their heart to it, nothing’s tough.  They are much more agile and fast.  Center of gravity is also much lower so it would be much much easier for them to master it compared to us.

Tomorrow Daddy’s going away.  The kids have already starting missing him.  He would be due back sometime 3rd week of January 2011.  Yes, he’s going to miss RayAnne’s first day of Primary One.

Life is like this isn’t it, we are always happy when he’s back, we have a couple of day of family bonding….when you finally get used to him being around, he needs to go off again and we have to re-adjust not having him around again.  Kinda of cruel actually but this is life.











                                                           MERRY CHRISTMAS


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Oliveoylz
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 10:41:39

    Happy New Year Jan and family! That’s a very nice family pic! All the best to Rayanne in Primary 1!


  2. Immomsdaughter
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 15:38:40

    Happy New Year 2011 to you and yours. *Hugs* Hope this year will be easier for you as the Rays are another year older.


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