This is the year my baby starts her primary school education journey.  It feels like only yesterday I was applying leave to be with Rayner, now it’s RayAnne’s turn.  Rayner’s an old bird when it comes to schooling, no more issues so far (cross fingers and toes).

My baby’s all grown up…..

Day 1 – 04 January 2011, Tuesday

I didn’t walk her to school because I was worried she is going to cry when it was time to leave Mummy behind at the school gate, so I chose to let her student care walk her to school.  But I promised her that I will see her during her RECESS TIME.  All went well…….

Happily munching away……

Day 2 – 05 January 2011, Wednesday

Today, I happened to come home and caught the kids outside the student care centre preparing to walk to school.  Didn’t want to chance her seeing me, I hid behind a wall in the carpark.  Then I saw her sobbing.  Had no idea what happen but knowing my girl, it would be a terrible time for her to see me, she will definitely break into a HUGE cry if she saw me.  Painfully, I stayed put where I was and like a pink panther, I followed them all the way to school.  Hiding behind every pillar everytime I came too close to the kids.  She sobbed all the way to school….haiz….my poor baby.  During RECESS TIME, she confessed that she cry earlier, when I asked her why?  She said because there were other parents walking with them, seeing other kids’ mummy around made her think of me and she started crying……I nearly died there, my heart felt so sore and sour…..

Managed to distract her, asked her to show me her classroom.

That was there and then we discovered the siblings shared the same class.  Rayner uses the class in the morning while RayAnne will be using the same class in the afternoon.

She even showed me where was her seat……right at the front, nearest to the teacher’s table.

It ended on a good note thou…..RECESS TIME over, so it’s time to go back to class…..

Day 3 – 06 January 2011, Thursday

Today will be last day the school will allow us to enter the school premises to be with our children.

She told me she didn’t cry at the student care centre but as soon as she found out that today would be the last day I would be around to spend RECESS with her, she started crying again and this time, she cried quite hard.  I hope she will be okay once I was out of sight.  I remembered when she was just started nursery 1, the first couple of days, she didn’t interact or talk to anyone, she just hugged her school bag and sat at a corner.  Only after a good week of isolation, she decided she is ready to open herself up and make friends.  History is repeating herself again, she hasn’t made any friends yet, or rather, she chooses NOT to make any friends at this very moment.  I am not going to push her, I shall let her take her time, she will do it when she is ready.

I hope tomorrow will be better because there will not be any more parents around and the kids can finally concentrate on what they are doing and teachers can concentrate teaching too.

Logistics wise, it has been a bit of a challenge these days.  Got to drop Rayner off first as he has to assemble in the school hall by 7.10am everyday.  Then I will have to make my way back to my place to drop RayAnne off at the student care before making my way to work.  Traffic around choa chu kang itself is crazy, just 2 streets away and I got to spent 30 mins circling around the estate.  Hope things will ease up soon.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sherry Chua
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 22:00:26

    My dear RayAnne :-
    Please don’t be sad, you have me (Sherry) although we are in different school now but I will always remember you, and always think about you!! I miss you, RayAnne.
    I’ll ask my mummy (auntie Mandy) to bring me to you house when we are free, ok?
    Bye, enjoy your school 🙂


  2. Immomsdaughter
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 10:46:24

    Poor RayAnne. Breaks my heart to read that she cried louder when she discovered it was your last recess day with her. But be strong as she will surely open up and make new friends, just need to give her some time ya.


  3. Oliveoylz
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 22:23:51

    What a great coincidence, both kids sharing the same class! I’m sure your gal will adapt to school very quickly.


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