A Little Accident

I have been wanting to post this but been too busy to do it.  Over the weekend (06 March 2011), I bought the kids to the park downstairs my place for some bicycle riding, skate boarding and badminton.  It started off well but soon turned into a disaster.  I was jogging alone side RayAnne who was on her bicycle while Rayner was on his own skateboarding round the park.  After 2 rounds, we stopped for some badminton.  Just about 15 mins into the game, the little one fell and what I initially thought to be superficial scratches turned out to be quite a bad cut under her chin.  The skin had splitted apart and I left no chance and bouoght her to the GP to have it cleaned and covered it.

She cried a little but was soon smiling again because she didn’t want Mummy sad because I remember telling her once that Mummy feels very sad when she sees either she or her brother cry.  Ever since that, she has already been trying to hold back her tears and cry only when necessary…..hahaha



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  1. Immomsdaughter
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 11:45:04

    Awww….poor RayAnne and yet she’s so thoughtful about mommy’s feelings. Good girl.


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