Weekend updates

26 March 2011, Saturday

Nothing out of the ordinary.  Instead of having breakfast at home on a saturday morning and since Daddy’s home, we bought the kids to the West Coast MacDonald’s for breakfast.  The kids played the playground alittle before we made our way home.

Then we did some squirrel watching….

See the cute little squirrel…..

Didn’t hang around for too long because I didn’t want to tire out the little one because she still had her Sakamoto Maths lessons.  Since Daddy’s home, we decided to skip swimming lessons and made our way into JB, malaysia for some seafood dinner.

Dinner at a Kelong Restaurant…..

We had a cereal prawn, Malaysia’s famour Marmite chicken, black pepper crabs, a veg, Giant See-Hum (the size of our fist) and Giant Oyster (the size of a big soup bowl).  All that for under RM 150.  Value for $$ I say……


Check out the size of the Giant Oyster…..

To complete the dinner and evening, a lovely sunset….

27 March 2011, Sunday

The little wanted to go to Haw Par Villa.

Admission’s FREE but we had to pay $5 to park our car there.  Still it was nice going back there, Haw Par Villa has been a place all of us has been there at least once when we were kids.  Now, we are bringing our kids there….

Strangely when we asked the little one why she wanted to visit the Haw Par Villa, she said she wanted to visit the Ten Court of Hell.  There were a lot of owww, awwww, yeeeee and ohhh…..

As usual, it became a teaching ground for all parents to tell the kids, don’t tell lies or else your tongue would be cut off……other interest ones were be respectful to your elders and sibling, don’t waste food….etc etc….

Good thing was, the kids were both old enough to read the boards telling us which court was which and why they were punished…..they didn’t feel too scared seeing all the blood and guts.  So it was a good education tour for them.

Both knocked out after a 2 hour walk in Haw Par Villa.  Had a good sleep in the car as we made our way to Sunset Bar & Grill for dinner.

Waiting patiently for our food.

The famous spicy buffalo wings…..since the kids were with us, we were not able to sample the spicier levels of hotness.  We only went for Level 1 spicyness and it was tangy and nice, good enough to tickle our taste buds without burning our tummy.  It could go all the way up to Level 30 for spicyness.  Oh gosh, I can’t imagine who can stomach anything that spicy.

Food was ok but ambience was nice, very homely.

It was drizzling when we were going home and to my surprise, another lovely way to end the evening, we spotted a RAINBOW…..

I HAD a wonderful weekend…..

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